Tuesday, 11 January 2022

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6 Reasons Why Coaches and Teams Love InstaTeam

At InstaTeam, we are committed to youth sports and teams. Ever since our launch, we have been striving to enhance your team experience by optimizing your time and resources, smoothing out communication and coordination, helping out as your digital assistant, and automating and organizing your everyday team administrative work eliminating the need for mundane paperwork. Thousands of teams across the country rely on InstaTeam as their team-management app that helps with day-to-day working.

Here are a few reasons why youth sports teams across America choose InstaTeam :

The coach’s perspective
We know youth sports is all about getting the right coaching. If your coach’s time and energy are majorly sapped by routine administrative tasks, the best of the facilities won’t help. By automating everyday tasks, InstaTeam allows coaches to have all the time and energy to do what they love doing – coaching.

No-nonsense communication
Forming a group on any instant messenger app allows communication, but instant messenger apps tend to allow over-communication, which again can be energy-sapping. InstaTeam allows coaches and managers to send team messages with one tap, without getting into a discussion with parents or players every time something is announced. The messages sent on InstaTeam do not open a chat window which can encourage to-and-fro messages. For instance, when a new schedule is announced or say an event is added to the team’s schedule, attendance can be simply marked by choosing between the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option.

Although, InstaTeam covers almost all features and requirements on a broad spectrum, if there is scope for more, InstaTeam can be customized for your specific needs. Our support team will help you define the exact requirement and build around it. You name it, you get it, and yes, it is that simple!

Customer privacy and data security
A data breach can be a big problem, especially if you are a youth sports team and are dealing with sensitive personal information of young players and their parents. InstaTeam has stringent data protection policies and procedures in place which take care of your privacy requirements. When you join InstaTeam, you can communicate with other team members through InstaTeam messenger, but your personal information is not available to anyone (but the coach or team admin), not even your phone number.

Scalable and future-proof

Your sports club is growing? Great! InstaTeam app can easily accommodate your bigger and even bigger club and all its teams. Our researchers and technical team are constantly working on upcoming technologies and trends and always upgrading. With InstaTeam, you are future-proof!

Beyond technology
InstaTeam is more than just your digital assistant or youth sports team management app. We are a community that promotes local sports, local businesses, hobby classes, neighborhood teams and so much more. For instance, we assisted our teams to navigate through COVID Lockdown with information and resources.

Download InstaTeam and get all your youth sports team management tools on the same platform. With InstaTeam, enjoy a host of features like scheduling, messaging, reminders, team alerts, payments and lots more.

InstaTeam is a team-management app that facilitates easy and efficient management of teams. InstaTeam is one of the fastest-growing sports team management apps that is trusted by thousands of youth sports teams and other teams for automated, highly functional and extremely handy team communication and coordination.



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