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Interesting Olympic Facts

Excited about Tokyo Olympics? Here are some interesting Olympic facts you’d love to know:
  • Although held in 2021, the games are referred to as “Tokyo 2020 Olympics”. Originally set to be conducted in the year 2020, the games were postponed due to Covid 19 pandemic. But as host countries prepare well in advance for the Olympics, torches, medals, uniforms, and other merchandise was already created using the name as Tokyo 2020. Recreating everything would have not only added costs, but would have taken time also.

  • The only other times Olympics did not take place as scheduled was during World War I (in 1916) and during World War II (in 1940 and 1944). Since the first Olympics were held in 1896, and have been organized every fourth year ever since, Tokyo Olympics are officially the XXXII Olympiad.

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have five new sports added to its game-program – softball, skateboard, sports climbing, karate and surfing.

  • The Olympic torch was taken through the length and breadth of Japan, through all the 47 prefectures of Japan, by 10500 torch bearers in 121 days.

  • Tokyo 2020 is the first Olympiad to award recycled medals made of metal extracted from small electronic devices.

  • The great American “Tarzan” from the Tarzan franchise of movies during the 30s, Johnny Weissmuller, has also been the great Olympic champion. He won 5 Golds in freestyle swimming competitions and 1 Bronze in water polo.

  • Olympics for the differently abled are called Paralympics. Paralympics were introduced in 1960 in Rome. However, there have been physically challenged athletes who have competed and won in Olympics (not Paralympics). America’s George Eyser, who lost his leg in a childhood accident, won 3 Golds, 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze in 1904 Olympics. Other Paralympians who have won on Olympics are South African swimmer Natalie du Toit and Polish table tennis player Natalia Partyka.

  • The Gold medals are not entirely made of Gold. Olympic Gold medal is made of six grams of gold plated on 92.5 percent silver. Although, the Silver medal is made of silver, the Bronze is a mixture of copper and zinc.

  • The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, built in 1923 in memory of fighters of the World War I, has already created history by hosting two summer Olympics in the years 1932 and 1984. The 2028 Olympics scheduled in the same venue will make it the only venue in the world to have hosted three Olympics.

  • The official marathon distance is standardized as 42.195 kms. to honor the first marathon runner who ran the exact same distance from Marathon to Athens to inform the citizens of their victory against invading Persians on 490 BC. The Greek soldier died after making the announcement.

  • One of the most inspiring stories of modern-day marathon runners is of the legendary Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila, who became the first colored African to win a gold in 1960 Olympics in Rome. What makes his victory extraordinary is Abebe Bikila ran barefoot. Bikila also won Gold for marathon in next Olympics in Tokyo 1964 which was just 40 days after he underwent a surgery for appendicitis.

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