Sunday, 4 July 2021

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Sleep and Its Effect on Athletic Performance

All work and no sleep makes Johnny a weak boy.


While exercise improves muscle strength, boosts endurance and increases blood flow, making the whole system heathy, too much of it can rather cause harm to the body. To ensure that the body is healthy and happy, exercise needs to be balanced with adequate sleep. Athletes can reach their peak performance only of sleep and physical training are in harmony.


Here’s why sleep is so essential for a sports trainee:



Physical training and playing rugged game strains muscle tissues causing them to tear up. During sleep, body performs its ritual of self-healing – muscle tissues are regenerated and the tears get repaired.



Physical training breaks down and uses up the carbs in the body. Excessive training results in using up all the glycogen (broken-down carbs) in the body. During sleep, body does the work of digesting carbs into glycogen and storing it in cells which is then available for further activity.


Agility and Sharpness

When your body gets tired, your mind gets tired too. A tired mind is less agile, less focused and is more prone to injury. Sleep helps the body and mind get the required rest helping restore both mental and physical strength.



Playing sports requires both physical and mental agility. Overworked body and mind cannot perform well, while at the same time, well-rested body and mind are energetic, alert and responsive. This helps perform well in sports.



T cells are vital to the immune system of the body. Lack of sleep hinders the optimal functioning of T cells, eventually affecting the immune system. Tried mind and body are prone to illnesses, even chronic conditions in some cases.


Excess of anything is bad. If excess of exercise is bad for the body, excess of sleep is also bad. The key is to strike a balance between training and sleep, only then you can reach optimal performance in sports, studies and in life.



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