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How To Fix Website For Sports Teams

Between handling practices, athletic training, games, tournaments and anxious parents, streamlining the team website seems like a minor concern for coaches and administrators. Plus, with social media being the preferred channel for all - team administrators, players and parents, maintaining the website may seem like a time-consuming, complicated task. Fair point. But here's the deal, fixing the team website and keeping it updated doesn't have to appear that uphill a job; it can be quick and easy too.


Here are some quick tips for fixing your website:


Update the site

If a potential parent visits the website for further information and they find pictures from 1997, their first impression won't be that the club's too busy to update it; their first thoughts would be that the club's too lazy to update info, or they are unprofessional or worse, they don't have any new achievements to show.


Update information on the website, put in all the latest team photos, news and maybe a blog or two about an achievement or a lesson-learnt would be good. Put some team players to the task of writing up the blogs or ask team-parents to do it. Put in a lot of pictures, and make them sharable on social media. Parents love to see their kids' photos, and as they share the pics on social media, you'll have online marketing for your website done for free.



While you are uploading new content and photos, make sure you remove the old ones. Unnecessary data will use up all the space, thus affecting the smooth functioning of your website. Plus, clutter on the website looks very unprofessional, not the impression you want your visitors to get.


Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

Most people do not use computers or wait to get to their laptops to access information; most of the work is done on smartphones and tablets. A mobile responsive website will adjust its tech-specs to the screen it is opened on. While one may think that videos adjust to the screen automatically, so can a website; but websites are different. Websites have navigation bars, links that can be clicked, and a mix of content like text, pictures, and videos arranged in a certain way by program. A responsive website is programmed to access the user's screen size and adjust all the content accordingly. So basically, people will be able to open their website on their smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other screen they wish to use.



The last thing you want is for users to get lost while they visit your website. So have the information arranged so that the user can easily find what they are looking for.


Apply the 3-click rule – anything the user may want to look for should be accessible within three clicks or less. To achieve that, the navigation bar should be well defined, and information should be properly sorted and arranged. For instance, the navigation can have the following options – Home | About Team | Events & Updates | Gallery | Reach Us. For a new user, it is easy to figure out where the information about the latest tournaments can be found and where can team photos be found. However, it is frustrating for a user to keep looking for information and not find it.


Think of your user visiting your website like a potential client walking into your office; you wouldn't want an untidy office ridden with old files, cluttered with unwanted stuff and difficult-to-walk-in kind of arrangement. It's the same thing in the virtual world; your website's that virtual equivalent of physical space.


If you have any questions or concerns about your website, please feel free to contact us. We at InstaTeam will be more than happy to assist you.



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