Monday, 26 July 2021

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RIP Greg Knapp

Greg Knapp, who died recently after being hit by a car while he was riding his bike, has left us an illustrious history in pro football.

The veteran New York Jets assistant coach spent 33 years coaching pro football which included an impressive 24 years in NFL. The likes of Jeff Garcia, Matt Schaub, Matt Ryan, Steve Young, Rick Mirer, Peyton Manning and of course Zach Wilson were coached by Greg Knapp.

Knapp joined the Jets only recently; previously having worked with Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans amongst other NFL teams. It was under the able training of Greg Knapp that Denver Broncos won the 2015 Super Bowl. Before getting into coaching Greg Played as Quarterback with Sacramento State from 1982-85, and then switched to coaching for Sacramento State as running backs coach in 1986. There-on started a legacy in the making, of exceptional coachingand mentoring for many successful NFL teams and players.

Greg Knapp, you will be remembered for the coach, professional, colleague, father and person that you have been. The NFL, football fans and enthusiasts like ourselves at InstaTeam along with young budding players, all of us will continue to learn from your coaching and your zest for life.

RIP Greg Knapp. You will be remembered.



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Wednesday, 21 July 2021

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Healthy Summer Food Recommended For Young Athletes


A healthy diet is an absolute essential for young athletes. During Summer it becomes all the more important because as temperature soars, body tends to get dehydrated and energy levels tend to deplete. Eating heavy food only makes it worse.

Eating the right food can ensure your body is adequately charges and overall affects performance. Here are some things that will help you stay on top of your game during summers.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt not only helps keep your body cool but is also an excellent probiotic – food containing good bacteria which helps promote digestion and keeps your gut happy and healthy. Plus, frozen yogurt is very versatile too. You can have the flavored yogurt for dessert, or use unflavored as dip with veggies or nachos, or use it as a dressing for salads.

Tender coconut Water

Tender coconut water is a great source of many essential nutrients. It’s a delicious natural hydrant that helps restore electrolytes, regulates bowel movements, is naturally rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium. The antioxidant properties neutralize oxidants in the body helping you stay healthy and active.


Water based melons are not just great coolants for the body but have great health benefits too. These fruits are rich in dietary fiber which keeps the gut healthy. The nutrients in melons are especially good for the eyes.


Another great summer coolant, this food is also naturally rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Sprinkle some salt, pepper and lime juice in diced cucumber and this can be a great anytime summer snack.


While mint is not food but is an herb, it can be a great condiment which can be used in a variety of things. Add mint to summer beverages to make them more refreshing, top it on salads to add a zest and use it for garnishing your desserts. Mint helps improve digestion and strengthens immune system. The refreshing smell helps relieve stress and rejuvenates the mind.


One of the best natural sports drinks, lemonade is also one of the most popular. Instead of expensive sports drinks, have your child carry lemonade to practice and games. Add a little salt along with honey to lime juice and top it with water and crushed ice. This coolant will also help replenish electrolytes lost during excessive sweating.


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Thursday, 15 July 2021

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Tips For Creating Tournament Schedules

Creating the tournament schedule is different from creating team schedules. In a tournament, there are several teams involved and the schedule has to take care of everyone’s need. Managing tournaments requires taking into account factors like balancing the division of games, venue availability, lighting adjustments, blackout dates etc.


Here are a few tips to help you create a functional, efficient schedule for your tournament.


Start with the facts you have in hand. Jot down all of these things:


·         Tournament start and end date.

·         Blackout dates including Holidays, rest days and other incidental days when games cannot be scheduled due to various reasons.

·         Available game venues along with the dates and time slots the venue is free.

·         Light conditions for the available venues to help ascertain if the game can be held in the evening or at night.

·         How many teams can be accommodated in the season as per the field capacity?


Once you have the count of the resources available, your scheduling will become a lot easier. InstaTeam’s automatic scheduling feature will take care of the scheduling by itself. You just need to check the schedule against the data you have written down – vis-a-vie the field is available for the dates, no game is scheduled on the blackout dates and so on.


Check the schedule thoroughly before freezing it and circulating it.


Use volunteers and club staff to micro manage the schedule. Also, have 2-3 management/admin level people work with you. Just in case there is some last minute exigency, there should be people who can immediately step up. Plus having more people brings in more ideas, more experience and delegation. Remember, you need to have patience, technology will come to your rescue.


If you need any further assistance with your scheduling, we at InstaTeam will be glad to help. Reach us via the app or via our website

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Wednesday, 14 July 2021

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How To Fix Website For Sports Teams

Between handling practices, athletic training, games, tournaments and anxious parents, streamlining the team website seems like a minor concern for coaches and administrators. Plus, with social media being the preferred channel for all - team administrators, players and parents, maintaining the website may seem like a time-consuming, complicated task. Fair point. But here's the deal, fixing the team website and keeping it updated doesn't have to appear that uphill a job; it can be quick and easy too.


Here are some quick tips for fixing your website:


Update the site

If a potential parent visits the website for further information and they find pictures from 1997, their first impression won't be that the club's too busy to update it; their first thoughts would be that the club's too lazy to update info, or they are unprofessional or worse, they don't have any new achievements to show.


Update information on the website, put in all the latest team photos, news and maybe a blog or two about an achievement or a lesson-learnt would be good. Put some team players to the task of writing up the blogs or ask team-parents to do it. Put in a lot of pictures, and make them sharable on social media. Parents love to see their kids' photos, and as they share the pics on social media, you'll have online marketing for your website done for free.



While you are uploading new content and photos, make sure you remove the old ones. Unnecessary data will use up all the space, thus affecting the smooth functioning of your website. Plus, clutter on the website looks very unprofessional, not the impression you want your visitors to get.


Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

Most people do not use computers or wait to get to their laptops to access information; most of the work is done on smartphones and tablets. A mobile responsive website will adjust its tech-specs to the screen it is opened on. While one may think that videos adjust to the screen automatically, so can a website; but websites are different. Websites have navigation bars, links that can be clicked, and a mix of content like text, pictures, and videos arranged in a certain way by program. A responsive website is programmed to access the user's screen size and adjust all the content accordingly. So basically, people will be able to open their website on their smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other screen they wish to use.



The last thing you want is for users to get lost while they visit your website. So have the information arranged so that the user can easily find what they are looking for.


Apply the 3-click rule – anything the user may want to look for should be accessible within three clicks or less. To achieve that, the navigation bar should be well defined, and information should be properly sorted and arranged. For instance, the navigation can have the following options – Home | About Team | Events & Updates | Gallery | Reach Us. For a new user, it is easy to figure out where the information about the latest tournaments can be found and where can team photos be found. However, it is frustrating for a user to keep looking for information and not find it.


Think of your user visiting your website like a potential client walking into your office; you wouldn't want an untidy office ridden with old files, cluttered with unwanted stuff and difficult-to-walk-in kind of arrangement. It's the same thing in the virtual world; your website's that virtual equivalent of physical space.


If you have any questions or concerns about your website, please feel free to contact us. We at InstaTeam will be more than happy to assist you.

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Sunday, 11 July 2021

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Youth Sports: Surviving The Heat

New school year, post lockdown-break sports season and a extraordinarily hot summer – looks like a challenging time ahead for kids. But the one thing pandemic has taught us, we can face any challenge given we brace for it.


While the kids sweat it out to get back in form, here are a few tips to help them brave the heat.


1.      Keep the kids hydrated. They should always have their water bottle handy. You can choose to give them a sports drink. You can also try giving them lemonade with some salt added to it, its natural and way healthier than your expensive sports drink.

2.      Ensure the kids are wearing caps and sunscreen when they are playing out in the sun.

3.      Don’t over stretch. If you see it’s getting tough for a kid, let them stop. Pushing hard is not always the best strategy.

4.      Never leave your kids, pets or old people in the car, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Temperature inside a parked car can double up very quickly.

5.      Make the kids wear single layer of clothing that too of a good absorbent material, preferably cotton. Avoid synthetic, tight fitting clothes.

6.      When the child feels exhausted due to heat, make the child sit in cool shade. Spray water mist on the head, face and rest of the body. Make them drink sports lemonade or ORS.

7.      Make kids eat light before they go for their practice but make sure they have eaten something. Playing on an empty stomach make the kids drain out faster on the field.

8.     Take breaks more frequently while practicing or playing. Do not over-expose kids to the sun.

9.     Muscle cramping is an early sign of heat-related condition. When a child complains of muscle-cramping, immediately give them heat first-aid and call 911.

10. When in doubt call 911.


When suspecting a heat related illness – 


Take the affected child to a cooler area. Use the following techniques till help arrives:

·         Give them a cold-water sponge bath immediately or put water on them via garden hose.

·         Place ice packs on head, neck, and armpits.

·         Use fans to circulate air around them.

·         Do not over crowd the place.

·         Do not leave the child alone. Heat related illnesses can worsen very fast.

·         Try and keep the child cold and ventilated till help arrives.


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Monday, 5 July 2021

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Feature Update: Adding Card For Making Payments

Apart from your PayPal and Stripe account, you can also make payments via your credit or debit card on the InstaTeam account. Here’s how you can add your card to your account.


Log in to your InstaTeam account.


At the top-right-hand-side corner, click on ‘More’.



Now tap on ‘Payment Settings’.



Tap on the option – ‘Payment Methods’



If you already have a card added to your account, it will show here. But if you do not have a card added, or you want to add another card, tap on ‘Add New Card’.



The ‘Terms and Conditions’ page will appear. Read the T&C thoroughly and tap on ‘I Agree’ button.



The ‘Payment Card’ page will appear. Fill in your details and you are good to go.



You can easily delete this card and add a new one as and when you want. You also have an option of not adding your card and still making payments via debit or credit card. Adding a card saves you the time and effort of putting in details every single time you make a payment. 



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