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Common Problems In Youth Sports Management

Managing a youth sports team or club can be a huge task, especially because the customer base is children and their parents. Over enthused parents, kids weighed-down with expectations and their extremely busy lifestyles, all pose several challenges in managing the sports club.

Here are some common problems faced by managers of youth sportsclubs:


·         Communication and coordination

·         Managing player attendance

·         Managing fee collection and finances


Communication and coordination

Communication and coordination is one of the most critical activities for a sports club manager or administrator. Here are some of the common tools for communication and the challenges associated with them.


·         Phone calls – Making personal phone calls to each and every parent is very tedious and time consuming. Another problem with phone calls is that working parents are not able to take phone calls throughout the day, which may result in the message not getting through at all.

·         Emails – Not all people are active on their email account throughout the day. This may result in the message not reaching the parent at all. Many a times emails get lost in chain mails leading to the real message getting lost along the way.

·         Instant messengers – While instant messengers seem to have taken care of any time lapses in communication, there can be chaos due to over communication.



A dedicated sports management application like InstaTeam caters to just the communication that is essential for getting the message through and getting relevant responses from parents. For instance, when a game is scheduled, parents and players get an auto-generated message from InstaTeam app informing them of the relevant details. Parents/players can mark their attendance on the app. If parents are required to get refreshments or help in any other way, it is also marked on the app, and parents can respond to it on the app itself. All of this communication takes place on the app in relevant sections making the information available to all without overcommunication. Further, this communication is auto-sent via different channels of communication including notifications on the smart phone, emails and information on the app.


Managing player attendance

You have scheduled a game. The venue is booked. Parents have been informed. During the game day, two key players do not turn up. Had you known this the previous evening, you would have arranged for extras. Because of situations like these, attendance-marking feature in InstaTeam comes in real handy. All players can mark their attendance without too many to-and-fro messages.


Managing fee collection and finances

It’s not just rude, but also vexing to chase after parents for fee collection. InstaTeam not only automates and manages fee collection but also takes care of selling merchandise, collecting payments for jerseys and gear, and also managing the entire fund raiser. All of the finances are linked directly to the bank account, making money-management a breeze.




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