Monday, 3 May 2021

Published Monday, May 03, 2021 with 3 comments

Life Lessons The Pandemic’s Taught Us

The COVID experience has affected us in ways we won’t be able to fully comprehend perhaps. It has changed the world forever in so many ways. Cancelled seasons, no practice, no play, no school, staying confined in quarantine, all of it has had a life-changing impact on children and adults alike.


But now the worst seems to be over. People are getting their shots, number of cases has declined considerably and we seemed to have reached herd immunity. It time to move on. As happy as that sounds, we need to remember that this pandemic may have disrupted our lives, but it’s also given us some teachings that will help and guide us throughout life. And we shouldn’t move on until we take a moment to look back and collect all we’ve learned.


You can’t take anything for granted 

Everyone planned for the upcoming season, but no one thought what if we won’t be able to do it. In life and sports too, be prepared for anything that can happen, your best player might not be able to make it, the competing team might play so differently that it might throw you aback, anything can happen. Life is full of surprises, let them not come as shocks.


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

There are just two ways to live (and play) – either you work with what’s served to you or you don’t. If you are the one who’ll make lemonade, make the most of any given situation, you’ll sail through just fine, and you are already in for a fulfilling life ahead. But if you are going to cry, grudge, panic, complain, about what comes your way, you will end up making a bigger mess of your life than what was served.


There’s always a way, find it 

When people were home quarantined in Italy as  the virus stated, so many people would come out in the balconies of their apartments with their musical instruments and played orchestra. There are so many interesting ways people came up with to celebrate COVID Halloween. So many places people came out in their gardens on the street and worked out together. YouTube recipes have had some of the highest views ever. There are so many touching examples of how people found a way to do things they had to. The bottom line being – no matter how adverse the situation be, there’ll always be a way, you need to find it. Be a problem solver.


Communication is the key 

How much we missed talking to our friends, neighbours, family. How much we missed the personal connect. Now that we can have it back, don’t ever miss out on saying things, connecting and sharing happy moments with your loved ones.


Teams matter 

Team is not a bunch of kids playing together, they are so much more. In teams we have coordination, connect, commitment and so much more. In teams, we have each other’s backs.  For all those who missed their teams, this would be a good time to reconnect and recreate the magic.