Wednesday, 5 May 2021

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Health Checks For Re-Entry

The COVID wave seems to be ending and if you haven’t still, you’ll soon be opening up. That said, we need to bear in mind that it may have been residing, but COVID’s not over yet.


Before we plan for our registrations and up-coming seasons, we need to make an elaborate plan for safe re-entry. If you are looking for ways to make your safety plan robust and infallible, here are a few tips to help you.


State Guidelines

All states have issued detailed guidelines for re-entry into everything, including youth sports. The first thing you should do is get the latest guidelines issued by the authorities in your state. Additionally you can look at guidelines issued by the CDC, AAP and if there are governing sports authorities for different sports in your case. While this might look like a lot of reading to do and information to process, it’s important that you spend time on this, and go through each and every point, because the risk’s not worth it. Make a list of guidelines and put up posters for your staff, players and parents to see.


Staff meetings

Once you’ve noted all the guidelines and jotted them down, have elaborate meetings with your staff. Discuss the practical application of each and every point. Establish protocols, SOPs and process for everything including:


·         Safety protocol for safe entry

·         Safety protocol for time on the field

·         Safety protocol for time in the lockers

·         Safety protocol at the time of exit

·         Safety protocol for roaming in the halls or hanging around with friends in the premises

·         SOP for a safety breach

·         SOPs and safety protocols for having match in an outside venue

·         SOPs and safety protocols for playing with other teams

·         SOPs for parents waiting in the premises

·         Model behavior for parents on the stands

·         SOPs for handling safety material including sanitizers, masks, gloves etc.


Remember, the one thing that COVID has taught us is that we can never be too sure. Plan, double plan and recheck everything. Trickle down to the brass tacks. Also, bear in mind that however detailed your research and planning may be, for players and parents you should make things simple, the simple the easier to implement. Communicate your safety protocols. Send a detailed message on InstaTeam, also keep sending notifications. Getting possessed with safety might be irritating, but it also helps us stay safe, then again, you can never be too sure.




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