Monday, 17 May 2021

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Feature Update – Linking Payment Account

For receiving payments, collecting money for events, selling merchandise or for making any financial  transactions you need to kink your payment account with InstaTeam.


To link your payment account, log-in to your InstaTeam account. On the left menu, click on ‘Profile’.



Now choose the tab ‘Payment Information.



Here you can link your payment account with Stripe or PayPal in the ‘Payment Accounts’ section.


Click on ‘Connect with Stripe’ or ‘Connect with PayPal’ whichever applies.


The following section appears. Fill in the relevant details.



After filling in the details, check the ‘Terms And Conditions’ box, and click on ‘Connect’. Your payment account will be linked. There can be only one account to receive money. All payments received, be it for fee, merchandise, event tickets etc., all of it will be received in this account.


In case you delete your payment account, you can add the payment account by the procedure above, but you will have to link this new account to all your ‘Payment Items’.

To do so, click on ‘Teams’ in the left navigation. Choose the team name and click on the tab ‘Payments & Dues’.



You will be able to see the ‘Payment Items’ for the specific team.


Click on the first payment item. Click on ‘Link Payment Account’.



The following pop-up appears. Choose your account and click on ‘Link Account’.



Your account has been successfully link with this payment account.



Repeat the process for all the payment items individually for all teams.






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