Monday, 31 May 2021

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Healthy Habits for Young Athletes

Health doesn’t happen in a day, neither does it happen with that one-hour of physical exercise for a month; it is result of a lifestyle that includes it all – exercise, healthy food habits, and a happy environment. This doesn’t happen one fine day either.


Healthy lifestyle is a result of healthy habits, things that become a part of your day-to-day life.


You want your kids to be healthy? Start by inculcating habits that become a part of their lives. Here’s a little help in getting you started.


·         Drinking water 1st thing in the morning – Drinking water helps flush out toxins from the body, cleanses bowels, stimulates metabolism, and is also believed to energize the mind. Some studies have also suggested that drinking water in the morning helps in weight loss.

·         Eating a healthy breakfast – As a parent/coach you might be leading a very busy life, juggling roles and responsibilities. But this should not come at the cost of health, and definitely not at the cost of breakfast. Make it a family rule, no matter what, you don’t skip breakfast. Healthy food can be quick too – try fruits, cereal, boiled eggs, milk, juices, smoothies etc.

·         Walking or cycling places in the neighborhood – If you have to go around the neighborhood or to a block close-by, don’t take your car. Walk or take the bike. Encourage kids to do so too.

·         The family that plays together – On the weekends, workout together as a family or do a fun, adventure outing. For instance, go hiking, kayaking, water aerobics, beach volleyball etc.

·         Water, water – Encourage kids to drink water instead of soda. You can make water fun by infusing fruits, lemon mint and other natural flavors. Make lemonade with salt and sugar to make an excellent homemade sports drinks instead of giving them artificial flavors and preservatives included in expensive sports drinks available in the market.

·         Invest in a slow cooker – Put in the ingredients when you leave for work in the morning, and by evening you can enjoy fresh and hot homemade food with your family.

·         Calorie punishment – Every time anyone in the family consumes junk food, they need to work-out extra to compensate for the increased calorie intake. Make your own rules. Say a hamburger calls for 20 jumping-jacks or 20 lunges.

·         Sleep therapy – Encourage kids to take adequate sleep. Discourage watching TV or playing video games late at night. Sleep is directly related to mental and physical responsiveness which then translates into performance. Poor sleep is, therefore equal to poor performance.


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Monday, 17 May 2021

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Tips For Successful Carpooling

Carpooling is a blessing for sports parents. Driving your child every other day for practice and on the weekends for games, is mammoth of a task, but when this responsibility is shared amongst other team parents, it comes as a huge relief. Quite simply put, without carpooling, many kids would miss out on practices and games, making it difficult for the team to participate, let alone practice.


Although, for carpooling to work systematically and efficiently, there are some basic principles that need to be followed. Most of these principles are more like common sense, which is perhaps why they are easily ignored.


Here are the important things to be borne in mind while starting a carpool group.


Ensure safety first


The first thing that needs to be taken care of is compliance with government norms. This includes the designated drivers having cars with valid papers, a valid driver’s licence and a well maintained car. These things are often taken for granted and easily ignored. But if you are starting your carpool group, this is where you must start, always.


Another important aspect of safety is essential safety equipment in place, for the driver and passengers. Check safety belts, airbags, first-aid kit, flashlight and a fire extinguisher.


Emergency contacts


You don’t hope for an emergency, however you prepare for it. Each driver must have emergency contacts of all kids on board. In case of a contingency, the driver cannot be expected to make calls to each and every parent/guardian. Designate people in the group whom the driver can call, who then will inform rest of the group. This information should also be printed and kept in the car, just in case the need arises.


Do not overcrowd the car


Although the idea of one person driving all the kids to and from the game venue seems tempting, do not overcrowd the car. Ensure kids wear seat belts which means 1 seat, 1 seatbelt and 1 child. The idea that ‘one extra child doesn’t hurt’ sounds just until there’s an eventuality, and then you think otherwise.


Proper documentation


Although carpools are very common and people do it all the time, it would help if you had the written and duly signed permission of all parents whose kids are on board. You can have copies made of emergency contact information and permissions from parents put together in a file, with an individual copy for each driver. This is not compulsory but it’s just good to be safe than sorry.


Drivers and buddy check


Now this may seem a little over-the-top, but since there are kids involved, you wouldn’t want to take a chance. Have buddies assigned to each driver. The buddy of the driver should call and check up on the driver before the driver sets out to pick children. The buddy’s task is to ensure that the driver’s not stuck somewhere and can make it to the game in time, the driver’s not drunk and is in conscious and psychologically healthy state to drive, and most importantly, hasn’t forgotten their turn. Although the InstaTeam app does ensure that due reminders are sent for every event, but this is just like a fool-proof way to be sure.



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Feature Update – Linking Payment Account

For receiving payments, collecting money for events, selling merchandise or for making any financial  transactions you need to kink your payment account with InstaTeam.


To link your payment account, log-in to your InstaTeam account. On the left menu, click on ‘Profile’.



Now choose the tab ‘Payment Information.



Here you can link your payment account with Stripe or PayPal in the ‘Payment Accounts’ section.


Click on ‘Connect with Stripe’ or ‘Connect with PayPal’ whichever applies.


The following section appears. Fill in the relevant details.



After filling in the details, check the ‘Terms And Conditions’ box, and click on ‘Connect’. Your payment account will be linked. There can be only one account to receive money. All payments received, be it for fee, merchandise, event tickets etc., all of it will be received in this account.


In case you delete your payment account, you can add the payment account by the procedure above, but you will have to link this new account to all your ‘Payment Items’.

To do so, click on ‘Teams’ in the left navigation. Choose the team name and click on the tab ‘Payments & Dues’.



You will be able to see the ‘Payment Items’ for the specific team.


Click on the first payment item. Click on ‘Link Payment Account’.



The following pop-up appears. Choose your account and click on ‘Link Account’.



Your account has been successfully link with this payment account.



Repeat the process for all the payment items individually for all teams.




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