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Youth Sports: How To Sail Through Uncertain Times

Sports and fitness industry has been severely affected by the pandemic. Cancelled programs and seasons, slashed salaries, job cuts; if you are associated with this industry chances are that you are going through the repercussions yourself. Some places have opened again, but there are restrictions and strict pandemic norms to be followed. Looks like it will be a while until we get back to the old normal, conducting trainings at full capacity.


While the whole pandemic experience has been quite distressing, there’s been an invaluable takeaway, a lesson for businesses, organizations and individuals too – be prepared for the uncertain too. COVID pandemic showed us that we cannot take anything for granted, not our internal constituents, not the environmental components that affect us externally; and, we must always have a plan to help us sail through unprecedented times, a plan C. Based on the experiences and inputs from various sports teams that are registered with InstaTeam, we have put together a few pointers that can help sports clubs to adapt their offerings to whatever circumstances there are.


Stay Valid

A youth sports club vision and mission revolves around providing excellence in sports training. But in uncertain times, when sports training cannot be provided, be it due to pandemic or natural calamity or some other  adversity, sports clubs must chalk out a new offering which still operates inside of the core vision and mission radar. For instance, many sports clubs on InstaTeam engaged in engaging virtual training sessions for building and maintaining physical strength, some went a step ahead and engaged their teams with mixed media, like having interesting challenges on social media, sending engaging information through newsletters and conducting live training via InstaTeam.


Think Value

In the compulsion to stay valid, a lot sports clubs compromised on value. The value component has to go both ways – your team and the parents should find value in what you are offering,  and your business should also get some short-term monetary or long-term engagement benefits out of the engagement. For instance, offering free training sessions does not bring in dollars, but as a sports club you could tie-up with a sports company for offering merchandise for a discount, or with a gymnasium for renting out sanitized training gear.



Workout A Sustainable Model

We are talking uncertainty, which means you don’t know what will be valid tomorrow and what not. Design your offering with a fine balance of good old world physical training and timeless technology. Have your systems designed and people trained to work in both environments. Make your teams habitual to the balance such that whatever future may hold, there’s no surprise jolt, they know what to expect and how to go about it.


Be The Answer

Offering solutions and not products to customers is the holy grail of any business, especially during testing times. Solve a problem for your clients, offer them solutions that provide help during an adversity. Doing this may not necessarily provide your business instant financial gains but will definitely earn your brand ambassadors for life.


Small Gestures Count

Small gestures make a big impact, especially during adverse times. This will do your business more good than you can calculate. A sports club in Sacramento home delivered a small pack of muffins on Christmas to all their team players. Another club in Albany designed weekly meal plans with simple things in the pantry along with recipes, and home delivered to their team players every week. There are many such examples. These clubs didn’t spend much, didn’t earn anything out of these activities, but kept their teams engaged.


With all the marketing noise and activity clutter that out there, if you can manage to keep your players engaged, you’ve already attained marketing nirvana.


Happy sailing, adversity or not.


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