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Should Young Players Use Face Masks While Practicing Or Playing?

The AAP (American academy of Paediatrics) updated its recommendations for Coronavirus Pandemic and advised young players to wear masks “at all times for group training, competition and on the side-lines”.


According to a study conducted by experts, a face mask that covers the whole mouth and nose without any gaps in the sides, significantly reduces the risk of transmission of the SARS-CoV – 2. Children playing indoor sports are at higher risk than children playing outdoor sports. Therefor kids practising indoors should strictly wear masks.


Although, there are some sports for which wearing masks is not recommended. For instance while practising cheerleading or gymnastics, face masks should not be worn as the mask can become a choking hazard or get caught in something and cause an accident. Similarly, in wrestling, swimming etc. also the mask can become a choking hazard. However, if children are not wearing masks, at least 1 meter distance is a must. And for indoor sports make sure the place is well ventilated.


Choose the face mask carefully. Especially for children engaged in youth sports, the type of face mask make a huge impact in performance. A good mask is ideally made of three layers:

1.      Outermost layer – preferably of a nonabsorbent material such as polyester or polyester blend.

2.      Middle layer – preferably of nonwoven, non-absorbent material

3.      Innermost layer – preferably of absorbent material like cotton.


While choosing a face mask you must check for two major features:

1.      Breathability – the basic requirement of an athletic mask should be that it must be breathable.

2.      Fit – the mask should cover the mouth and nose completely and should fit comfortably in place without leaving gaps or openings in the sides, or else unfiltered air penetrates the mask and chances of contamination increase.


You can choose the shape of mask that would best suited for your face – flat fold, duck bill etc. Choose plain masks as masks that have vent allow unfiltered breath to escape. Make sure the face masks are washed in hot water after use. Use only clean face masks. Face masks should be made a habit. Remember, face masks are not just for self-protection, but they are also a social responsibility, a responsibility towards your team-mates, friends and even towards strangers around you.




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  2. Children who play indoor sports are at a higher risk than those who play outdoor sports. For this reason, kids who practice indoor sports should wear masks.
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