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Quick Healthy Snacks For Athletes On-The-Go

Young athletes are always on the go. Managing school, homework, practice, matches, training and a social life. For the kind of activity they do, they need the fuel to keep them going. While having two healthy meals during the day might not suffice, they need nutrition boost mid-meals and between activities too. Here are some healthy and inexpensive choices.


Granola Bars

Granola bars without added sugar are a very snack for kids. Natural ingredients in more or less raw or semi cooked form provide rich nutrition with proteins, carbs and fibre, all of which is good for the body. While there are tons of granola bars available in the market, you can make granola bars very easily at home too. Look for recipes online, you’ll find plenty,


Trail Mix

Nuts, berries and dried fruits provide good nutrition to the body and taste great too. Buy from bulk section of the store or from wholesale, and you can mix the ingredients you like, and save a lot of money too.


Fruit Juices

Whenever buying juice from the store, make sure you pick-up the ones that have no added sugar. You should give a tetra pack or pet bottle of juice daily so that the child can have it whenever they feel like it.



Smoothies are a great snack. In fact, they can qualify for a meal too for the kind of nutritional richness they have. Make a smoothie and keep it in the fridge. Ask the child to have it when they come back from practice.



Cheese is as simple and easy as it gets. Mix two or more types of cheeses and keep in the fridge. Tell the child to have it before they go out for practice or school. You can give cheese for on-the go too.


Fresh Fruit

Irrespective of what they are having during the day, having a fresh fruit should be an absolute must. Seasonal fresh fruits have essential nutrients your body needs, and are one of the best sources of natural sugars and fibre. They can have it on the go.



Sports drinks are very costly. Lemonade on the other hand is a great hydrant with all natural ingredients. Add a little salt to lemonade and it will be as good as any sports drink balancing the essential sugars and salts in the body and keeping the energy levels high.





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