Friday, 30 April 2021

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Youth Sports: How To Sail Through Uncertain Times

Sports and fitness industry has been severely affected by the pandemic. Cancelled programs and seasons, slashed salaries, job cuts; if you are associated with this industry chances are that you are going through the repercussions yourself. Some places have opened again, but there are restrictions and strict pandemic norms to be followed. Looks like it will be a while until we get back to the old normal, conducting trainings at full capacity.


While the whole pandemic experience has been quite distressing, there’s been an invaluable takeaway, a lesson for businesses, organizations and individuals too – be prepared for the uncertain too. COVID pandemic showed us that we cannot take anything for granted, not our internal constituents, not the environmental components that affect us externally; and, we must always have a plan to help us sail through unprecedented times, a plan C. Based on the experiences and inputs from various sports teams that are registered with InstaTeam, we have put together a few pointers that can help sports clubs to adapt their offerings to whatever circumstances there are.


Stay Valid

A youth sports club vision and mission revolves around providing excellence in sports training. But in uncertain times, when sports training cannot be provided, be it due to pandemic or natural calamity or some other  adversity, sports clubs must chalk out a new offering which still operates inside of the core vision and mission radar. For instance, many sports clubs on InstaTeam engaged in engaging virtual training sessions for building and maintaining physical strength, some went a step ahead and engaged their teams with mixed media, like having interesting challenges on social media, sending engaging information through newsletters and conducting live training via InstaTeam.


Think Value

In the compulsion to stay valid, a lot sports clubs compromised on value. The value component has to go both ways – your team and the parents should find value in what you are offering,  and your business should also get some short-term monetary or long-term engagement benefits out of the engagement. For instance, offering free training sessions does not bring in dollars, but as a sports club you could tie-up with a sports company for offering merchandise for a discount, or with a gymnasium for renting out sanitized training gear.



Workout A Sustainable Model

We are talking uncertainty, which means you don’t know what will be valid tomorrow and what not. Design your offering with a fine balance of good old world physical training and timeless technology. Have your systems designed and people trained to work in both environments. Make your teams habitual to the balance such that whatever future may hold, there’s no surprise jolt, they know what to expect and how to go about it.


Be The Answer

Offering solutions and not products to customers is the holy grail of any business, especially during testing times. Solve a problem for your clients, offer them solutions that provide help during an adversity. Doing this may not necessarily provide your business instant financial gains but will definitely earn your brand ambassadors for life.


Small Gestures Count

Small gestures make a big impact, especially during adverse times. This will do your business more good than you can calculate. A sports club in Sacramento home delivered a small pack of muffins on Christmas to all their team players. Another club in Albany designed weekly meal plans with simple things in the pantry along with recipes, and home delivered to their team players every week. There are many such examples. These clubs didn’t spend much, didn’t earn anything out of these activities, but kept their teams engaged.


With all the marketing noise and activity clutter that out there, if you can manage to keep your players engaged, you’ve already attained marketing nirvana.


Happy sailing, adversity or not.


If you are looking for better ways to communicate and engage with your team, download InstaTeam now.



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Thursday, 29 April 2021

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Tips On Choosing Your Team’s Name

Congratulations on your newly created team!

If you already have a team sponsor, chances are that they would select the team name if they haven’t already. But if you are getting the chance to choose your team name and the colors associated to your team, congratulations again. It’s going to be an interesting exercise. Here are a few tips to help you make the process fruitful without cutting down on the fun.

1.      Include your entire team.

2.      Prepare a questionnaire and ask all team members to fill it. You can include questions like:

a.      Should the city name be included in the team name, like NY Giants?

b.     Should the name be fun and funky, like New Orleans Baby Cakes?

c.      Should the team name be something that portrays strength, like Brooklyn Tigers?

d.     Should the team name relate to an incidence or year, like Cincinnati Reds?

e.      Should the team name include a person’s name, like Cleveland Browns?


While most of these questions are to guide a thought process, you can include more questions you deem relevant. The questionnaire can include some more options like:


f.       Suggest a name for the team.

g.      What do you think should be the primary and secondary colors of the team (which would go in the logo, jerseys, gear etc.) and why?

3.      Once the team members have submitted their response, make a list of all names suggested. Shortlist names from the suggestions.

4.      Now it’s time for the team management to give in their suggestions. It would indeed be a good gesture to take the sponsor’s suggestions as well.

5.      Discuss the top suggestions with the team and the management.

6.      If players are the ones taking the final call, pick the top two suggestions and take a vote.


Voila! You have a name now. 


Choosing the team colors essentially follows the same process, but this can be a little tricky. You need to pick colors that make the team look sharp and energetic. Picking up colors that are dull and flat will have a similar vibe and you wouldn’t want that. Do consult a professional when making the final decision of team colors. The professional will also help put together the logo and other design details for the team.


Wishing you all the best and a happy start.


Next step – download InstaTeam for all your automation and ease of team management, communication and coordination.

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Quick Healthy Snacks For Athletes On-The-Go

Young athletes are always on the go. Managing school, homework, practice, matches, training and a social life. For the kind of activity they do, they need the fuel to keep them going. While having two healthy meals during the day might not suffice, they need nutrition boost mid-meals and between activities too. Here are some healthy and inexpensive choices.


Granola Bars

Granola bars without added sugar are a very snack for kids. Natural ingredients in more or less raw or semi cooked form provide rich nutrition with proteins, carbs and fibre, all of which is good for the body. While there are tons of granola bars available in the market, you can make granola bars very easily at home too. Look for recipes online, you’ll find plenty,


Trail Mix

Nuts, berries and dried fruits provide good nutrition to the body and taste great too. Buy from bulk section of the store or from wholesale, and you can mix the ingredients you like, and save a lot of money too.


Fruit Juices

Whenever buying juice from the store, make sure you pick-up the ones that have no added sugar. You should give a tetra pack or pet bottle of juice daily so that the child can have it whenever they feel like it.



Smoothies are a great snack. In fact, they can qualify for a meal too for the kind of nutritional richness they have. Make a smoothie and keep it in the fridge. Ask the child to have it when they come back from practice.



Cheese is as simple and easy as it gets. Mix two or more types of cheeses and keep in the fridge. Tell the child to have it before they go out for practice or school. You can give cheese for on-the go too.


Fresh Fruit

Irrespective of what they are having during the day, having a fresh fruit should be an absolute must. Seasonal fresh fruits have essential nutrients your body needs, and are one of the best sources of natural sugars and fibre. They can have it on the go.



Sports drinks are very costly. Lemonade on the other hand is a great hydrant with all natural ingredients. Add a little salt to lemonade and it will be as good as any sports drink balancing the essential sugars and salts in the body and keeping the energy levels high.



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Wednesday, 28 April 2021

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Feature Update: How To Deactivate, Reactivate and Delete Teams

InstaTeam provides a host of features to help you keep your team management fast, sharp and hassle free. If one or more of your teams is not required, you don’t necessarily have to keep the team and its members active, you can deactivate that team. Remember, only Admin can deactivate or delete a team.


Choose the team you wish deactivate by slicking or tapping on it. Click on ‘Settings’.



Now click on ‘Edit Team’.



Now click on ‘Archive Team’.



This will hide the team information from team-members. You will not see the team’s name in your active teams.



To reactivate the team, look for ‘Archived Teams’ in the left menu.



Click on ‘Archived Teams’,  and beside the team name, just slide the option to ‘Off’.



Your team will be active again.


When you delete a team, all the team information will also be deleted. This action cannot be reversed.


To delete a team, choose the option ‘Delete Team’, instead of ‘Archive Team’ from the ‘Edit Team’ tab.



On pressing ‘Delete Team’, the prompter asks for confirmation, and when you click on delete, the team with all its members and information pertaining to them is deleted.

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