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Sports Injuries – Prevention is better Than Cure


If you are in youth sports, you are not new to sports injuries. A little scratching and bruising is so common that even players have learned to move on and play. But a sprain or strain can be serious issue, especially if the tendons or ligament get torn or damaged. In case of severe damage, there could be surgery or several days or weeks of rest or even both. This can impede both, studies and sports career for the child.


When you talk of sports injuries, it’s important to know that while some are accidental, most are caused due to being unprepared. For instance, if you haven’t played for two weeks straight and then start playing on the field, an injury is more likely. Your body needs to be warmed up first, muscles brought to flexibility, blood flow to be increased, such that body prepares itself for the action coming up. If you start playing right away, you muscles are stiff, heart rate is slow, and sudden action can cause jerks, hence injury.


Here is a list of best practices for sports kids, which will help prevent injuries while playing:


·         Always start with a warm-up session. Warmup session helps lift your body from rest mode to action mode by increasing muscle flexibility, increasing blood flow. If you are late, don’t just jump into the field to start playing. Do your regular warm-up and then start playing.

·         Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Dehydration reduces the flow of blood and oxygen to the active muscles which can cause cramps.

·          Exercise daily. Exercise helps muscles become stronger and more flexible, which makes your body stronger against injuries.

·         Do yoga or stretching exercises on rest days, days when you are not playing or practicing. This will help your body stay in momentum.

·         Take a break and rest when your body feels fatigued. Sleep is especially important if your body is injured. While you sleep, your body takes time to repair and rejuvenate muscles and tissues damaged during play. Hence, after a good night’s sleep your body is all fit and healthy for an action-packed day. Missing out on proper sleep, you carry on with an injured body.

·         Eat healthy. Your body needs proper nutrition to be able to heal itself. You need a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fat and vitamins. Eat wholesome meals that includes fresh fruits, salads, cheese, bread, milk, juices, eggs, meat etc. Before referring to a diet plan from the internet, make sure you show it to your parents and your coach.

·         Always be in appropriate clothing with appropriate gear. Your sports attire is designed to suit the conditions of your sport. Wearing inappropriate clothing can cause over-heating, lack of movement resulting in injuries.


If you follow these practices honestly, even if injuries do occur, they are less likely to affect you as much. Not just for sports, all the more for health and fitness in general, these practices are good.


Wishing you luck with your body and your game.


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