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Secret Ingredient For Success - Failure

The genius who changed the course of modern times, Thomas Edison, was labelled by his teachers as someone who was too stupid to learn. His first two jobs were a failure, and he failed over a 1000 times before he successfully invented the light bulb. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, despite being the founder. Walt Disney was rejected when he applied for the post of artist in several companies. Steven Spielberg couldn’t make it to film school twice. Beatles were turned down by several record companies, one of them even stating – “…the Beatles have no future in show business”. Michael Jordan, the living God of basketball, couldn’t make it to his high school varsity basketball team.


“I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

-          Michael Jordan


In the name of motivation, we put too much pressure on young players. So much so, that these kids are afraid to lose, and that is a bad thing. They don’t play for the love of the game, they play for not losing, not letting their parents down, not getting mocked at by peers, not getting yelled at by the coach, not being the reason the team lost. Now, that is a lot of baggage, enough to bog down a seasoned pro player, let alone a young under-training rookie.


When we do something with the fear of losing, we are not ready for far and beyond, we are not ready to take chances, we are not ready to play our heart out, and until we are ready for these things, we may get lucky once in a while, but we can never win.


That said, it may not be practically viable for sports clubs to coach each and every kid this way. “You really can’t expect them to keep losing in the hope that they will win some day”, says Dex Hemsley, manager of a youth sports club in Nevada. This brings us to the most important part of a failure – learning. A practical way of letting your players lose is by making the players learn from their failures. The thing with winning is, you might have had a lousy team on the other side, or maybe you got lucky with a pass or a miss, but with failure you always know what led to it. And that’s always a good place to start.


Conduct learning sessions every time the team loses. Make it a cheerful and interactive session, and not a nagging and fault-finding binge. Discuss what could have been done and what could have been avoided. Let the players give you inputs.


Remember, not every child enrolled in youth sports becomes a champion. More than half of them will drop out by the time they reach high school. Only a handful will make it to varsity teams and if you are really lucky, one odd player may even turn pro. So don’t kill fun in the game, and make it all – winners do this, you must win, the attitude of winners, and all that. Winning in youth sports is as-is overrated. Youth sports is a platform for kids to learn life lessons that will be far more important than a win in a neighbourhood game. Life lessons like discipline, perseverance, humility, team-work, constructive aggression – all of these priceless and will stay with them as a part of their personality forever. And for that one champion that can be, this is how they become it.


Here’s wishing you and your team all the very best in learning.


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