Thursday, 11 March 2021

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Feature Update - Creating Teams On InstaTeam

Congratulations and welcome to InstaTeam!


We are delighted to have you on our team, and assure you will be too. In fact, if you are anything less than delighted, please let us know, we’ll do what it takes to make amends. We can be an eager lot when it comes to team(s)-work.


Getting started


Getting started on InstaTeam is as easy as it gets. Download the InstaTeam App on your Android or iPhone, or open the InstaTeam website on your web Browser by typing



Creating Account On The Web Browser


As you open the website, click on login on the top navigation bar.



On the login page, you can directly login using your Facebook or Google account. Or click create an account by entering basic information. The ‘Create Account’ option will lead you directly to the sign-up page.  




Once you add the relevant information, your account is created.


Bravo! You’re done. Go ahead and explore.


Creating Account On The Android and iPhone App


Download the InstaTeam app from Google Playstore or Apple Store. Tap to open it, you will land on the welcome screen.




You can scroll down to get a quick look on some of our amazing features or skip to – LET’S GET STARTED.


Either login via your Facebook or Google account directly or ‘Create New Account’.






If you tap on ‘Create New Account’, you’ll be prompted to fill in basic details.



Fill in the details and tap ‘Sign up’.



Tap ‘Yes’ and you’ll be prompted to verify your email, post which your account is created.


Welcome again. We’ll make a good team.


Facing issues while creating your account? Please reach out to us @InstaTeam, we’ll take care of it.






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