Thursday, 11 February 2021

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Tips For League Planning

If you are hosting a league, you already know how big a task it is. Coordinating with all the teams, arranging logistics, scheduling, booking game fields and a countless other tasks that need to be arranged, all of it can overwhelm you and you can get lost before you know it. Planning the league is key to a league’s success.

While you plan your league, here are some tips that can help you with the planning process.


·         Start with breaking down the league into smaller functions: like game scheduling, booking venues, participating teams’ coordination, logistics, game tickets, administration etc.

·         Identify smaller tasks in each function and list them. Further break down into smaller tasks, till the smallest bit is listed down.

·         Set goals and assign deadlines for each task and bit. Work your way upwards, smaller bits, to tasks to function goals. For instance, mark the date for making a list of potential venues, then a date for coordinating with them and then checking with league schedule and booking venues etc.

·         Assign a team or person responsible for each function. Then each team can create their own task schedule on InstaTeam by creating events for each bit and task.

·         Mark the tasks that can be delegated to volunteers. Assign a team leader to ensure volunteers stay on track.

·         After the completion of each task, go back to the planning table to realign the goals.

·         Keep all league related communication strictly through InstaTeam. This will help cut through the clutter and focus on the bit that matters. More importantly, there will be no scope for mis-communication or misunderstanding. Instant messaging apps can get overwhelming with all the unnecessary chatter that sucks a great deal of energy and time.

·         Have a to do list for each day. Encourage the team to have one too. The day then starts with a clarity, and can be planned well.

·         At the end of each day, go back to the planning board, tick the tasks completed and realign goals as per proceedings of the day. Then create your to-do list for the next day.

·         In the middle of all the planning, do not forget to take budget into consideration. With each task, align a budget. This will help keep your finances on track.

·         Keep all related documents centrally. Since most of the planning is going to take place digitally, there will be less documents and files involved. Nevertheless, keep these things handy in case of need.

·         Communicate, communicate, communicate.






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