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The Team App Coaches Recommend – InstaTeam

Coach Hendrick has been a very busy man. All coaches are. Coach Hendrick worked with a school in Springfield, Clark county in Ohio. The sports faculty in the public school works on a restricted budget which means coaches are the whole sports department that there is, well, more or less. Coach Hendrick’s responsibilities included coaching, coordination, communication and everything that comes in and around sports. From preparing each player’s progress report to collecting money for the jerseys to making arrangements for game day, all of it was his responsibility. While all of this was manageable, coach Hendrick’s day was occupied with admin work and lesser time left for coaching.


During a sports meet in the Montgomery, Hendrick came to know of InstaTeam. He downloaded the app and insisted his high school team players and the parents of junior teams use it for all communication. At first he had to face resistance. Parents would still come down to the school to talk. They wouldn’t use the app. But Paul Henrick was insistent. Eventually it did become the preferred mode of communication. Parents and players loved how InstaTeam wouldn’t let them forget an important event, they would get automatic reminders. Coach Hendrick obviously loved all the conveniences. And now that he works with a youth sports club in Columbus, handling 4-5 teams at a time, he is absolutely in awe of the app. InstaTeam takes care of all the communication, coordination and admin work, while coach Hendrick spends most of his time doing what he does best – coaching.


“InstaTeam is the ultimate tool for a coach. It automates and manages all the mundane work coaches usually despise”, says Hendrick. “I would recommend it to every coach and sports parent”, he adds.


In a similar incidence, Coach Mario Fernandez wrote to InstaTeam showing his appreciation for the app. “InstaTeam has solved the communication issue I faced for years. Parents would want an update, and every time I’d send one, parents would start discussing about it on the WhatsApp group. The long unwarranted discussions would bog me down. But with InstaTeam, I send the important message through notification, parents get the message and that’s it. Saves me a ton of time and energy.” Coach Fernandez also happily recommends InstaTeam.


We have been receiving several emails, testimonials, feedbacks and likes from coaches across the country who are happy and content with InstaTeam. While it may seem like we are tooting our own horns, but it makes us proud when all we work for, pays. At the same time it also makes us nervous, because we have some really big expectations to stand up to.


Thank you coaches for giving us that place in your teams. We haven’t till date, and won’t ever, leave any stones unturned to keep the place we’ve earned.


If you haven’t yet, download the InstaTeam app for enhanced team management experience.





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