Tuesday, 23 February 2021

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The Secret To Retaining Athletes Within your Sports Club

With so much of competition in youth sports training, retaining players is perhaps as difficult as getting them on board. There’ll always be someone out there offering training for a lower fees, giving freebies, having a better facility or a more lucrative deal. With competition offering something better or cheaper, anything to grab that piece of pie, how do you ensure that your players keep coming back year-after-year?


Here are a few tips to help you win your athletes for long, and for good. 


Have a long term strategy

Victory – short-term strategy. Getting the skills that lead to victory – long term strategy. Developing athletic skills may not lead to instant wins, but it will elevate the teams’ game skills, players’ confidence and eventually, wins too. Keep parents appraised about your plan. Have skill development plan and report-card, share them with parents and the players.


Teach life skills and not just game skills

This does not mean you suddenly turn into a life coach telling them about righteous living, it just means that you implement the sports-code-of-conduct seriously. For instance, discipline is a life skill kids learn with sports, make sure they adhere to it. Similarly, other important by-lessons of sports can be sportsmanship, team spirit, respect, humility in winning, accepting defeat gracefully and more, are life lessons that will touch players for life.


Make them play hard and party harder

Hanging out with the team and socializing together can be a great gift. The team that bonds well plays well. Moreover, in this era of digital friendships, socializing with friends can be a great gift, and the team will stick together, no matter what.


Have a ‘listening’ culture

From the club management to coach to players, encourage a culture that respects views, feedback and suggestions. You can have SOPs for suggestions and feedback at all levels.


Invest in skill development

If you have to make a choice between directing funds towards facility aesthetics or buying new equipment, choose the latter. Make skill-development your top priority at all fronts.


Get InstaTeam

InstaTeam not only automates and facilitates team management, it also makes communication effective and efficient. Features like group notifications, number privacy, automatic reminders, calander sync, car pooling etc. make it a great resource for sports parents who have to adjust that extra bit of child’s sport in to their already busy schedules.





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