Monday, 1 February 2021

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How To Successfully Manage A Remote Team


By now you must have experienced how difficult it is to manage a team remotely. Up until now it seemed like the pandemic was getting over, but apparently it’s not going as fast as we would have hoped. And now it’s all the more tough because team members are done with the remote training, they want to play the physically, running on the field, with their teammates, fighting, playing and having fun. Players are having feelings of isolation and loneliness. They aren’t motivate to participate online. And there are number of other problems associated with online training.


If managing your team remotely is bothering you, here are a few tips to help you sail through these rough waters, and keep the team together until game resumes.


Make it interactive

Although we have video and live streaming to our disposal, online training can get monotonous and isolating. It is important to make the remote training sessions interactive and engaging. Give them a task, ask them questions, make them participate. See if the players are not responding and showing signs of stress or anxiety. Conduct counselling sessions or chat sessions where players get to talk about their fears and anxieties.


Use video

With the video turned on, you will be able to see your team players when the training is conducted. This exercise will help the players as well since they get to see and talk to their friends which is the second best thing to face-to-face conversation. Try and foster the kind of communication that happens in person.


Be a counsellor 

Quite honestly, you are not really being the coach on virtual sessions, might as well be the motivator, influencer, counsellor, friend they can connect with. Your main task now is to keep the team together. In this tough time out of sight cannot mean out of mind. Try and connect to each player, in the team and individually. Talk to them. Motivate them. Do some fun sessions with them.


Focus on their needs

They need to work out, they need to be motivated, they need to be counselled, they need to feel connected; the moment you start focusing on their needs, the virtual sessions will transform.


Keep security in mind

Cyber security should be a primary consideration when you conduct virtual sessions. Do not allow kids to record the sessions. Use a safe platform like InstaTeam for live streaming. Make sure any sensitive information is not shared on public domains.


Technology can help make virtual training possible, but it still doesn’t eliminate the need to human component. Remember, all you need to ensure is that players get some physical work out done, they stay motivated and do not fall prey to loneliness or any other anxieties.




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