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Hacks To Improve Team Communication

Communication is really vital to performance, especially for a youth sports club where the victory is directly dependent on team-work and discipline within the team. Communication issues can be fatal for the team’s performance. And the problem with communication issues is that most of the time you do not know of them until its too late. So, whether or not you think your team has communication issues, these hacks will come in handy.


Say it

Most of the times we assume it’s understood, but that may leave a confusion lurking. Even if it means repeating yourself, it’ll be worth it. If you feel a certain player needs to work on their team-skills, say it. Assuming that the child will realize on their own will further deteriorate skills. Similarly, if you feel the interference of a certain parent is having negative influence on other parents, say it, politely but assertively, say it. Avoiding confrontation will not solve the issue, it’ll worsen it.


Be open to listening

If there’s a thought popped up in a player’s or parent’s mind, it’s in best interest that it be discussed. Your openness to listening will resolve most of the issues while they are still budding. Not only will the team parents appreciate it, the team’s attitude and performance will also go up a few notches.


Encourage feedback and suggestions

You’ll be surprised how valuable some suggestions can be, and how much room for improvement is there once you become open to receiving feedback. It is also true that in youth sports, being very open can drain you of your energy, as some parents can be overwhelmingly interfering. But that should not stop you. You can organize the system of feedback and suggestions. Have a parents meet before the season begins, that would be a good platform for suggestions. You can have a discussion with all the parents and then decide what would be good for actual implementation. Similarly, have a system for feedback like a feedback form or a one-on-one meeting with parents.



Suppose you made change in the game schedule, and now you expect parents to check the schedule and update their calendars as well. Not happening. Make sure you communicate the change. Then make it a point to send reminders a night prior. It wouldn’t be inappropriate if you send a reminder the morning of the game day as well.


Use InstaTeam

InstaTeam not only automates communication but also facilitates it. Push notifications, automatic reminders help parents get the schedule right. Multi-screen and across-platforms access ensures parents and players get the right message at the right time, no matter what. You don’t have to waste a whole lot of time and resources on mundane communication, InstaTeam makes it instant.


Here’s wishing you and your team good luck with communication.


Keep InstaTeaming!



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