Tuesday, 23 February 2021

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Fundraising Ideas For Your Team


Planning on raising funds for your team?


Fundraisers can be super fun learning opportunities for kids, raising money for their team – planning the event, marketing, managing – remarkable experiences preparing them for real life.


Here are a few ideas for your fundraiser. Let the kids pick which one they like the best.


·         Car wash – Car wash is perhaps the oldest and the most used fundraising ideas. But it still works. If the kids are planning a carwash, ask them to check what supplies they already have, before going all out purchasing new supplies.

·         Handmade Holiday cards – This can be really fun. Kids can get together to create cards with perhaps parents’ help. It will be a fun art and craft exercise too.

·         Lemonade party – Let kids make the lemonade that can be sold at the venue. Add a few refreshing snacks, invite the neighborhood and voila! You have a party going.

·         Walkathon – This can be a great fitness activity. Kids might need the adults involved in the planning, but this event will be a great way to involve the community.

·         Rent a team – This is a great idea too. People in the neighborhood can rent the team for a weekend to complete some chores or whatever you need to get done around the house.

·         Pet wash – Let people bring their furry friends for a fun bath day.

·         Instagram campaign – Kids will be champions at this already. Ask them to think of a creative way to raise money through Instagram.

·         Fitness session – Enroll people for a fitness session and let kids be the coaches.

·         Minute-to-win-it games – Ask kids to pick up games from the popular game series and sell tickets for participating.

·         Carnival – Invite the neighborhood to a fun carnival, with the good-old-world charm. Sell cotton candies, popcorn, lemonade and bunch of other things to raise money.

·         Fun photo shoot – All you’ll need is a professional camera, photographer and some fun backdrops. Ask parents to help.

·         Social media challenge – Ask kids to think up of a challenge they can promote on social media. The challenge goes viral and you make the money.

·         Team caps – The thing with baseball caps is – another one doesn’t hurt. Have your team logo printed on it and sell the caps to make money.

·         Garage sale – All kids can gather junk or unused extra items from their houses and organize a sale.


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