Monday, 22 February 2021

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Finding The Ideal Coach For Your Sports Club


Finding the ideal coach is the holy grail of youth sports club. Players’ performance, teams’ accomplishments, parents’ appreciation and the club’s overall success depends on it.


If you are hiring coaches, here are a few things you should look for:



Every thing else comes later, experience is the primary quality you should look for. If your coach has experience, and a successful one at that, they already know the tricks, techniques and everything it takes to build a winning team, they wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel. More so, with experienced coaches, parents are also feel confident and are more comfortable enrolling their kids in.


Love of the game versus passion for teaching

It cannot be one thing over the other, both these things have to be in perfect balance. Your coach should love the game as much as they love teaching. Teaching involves making a connect with the kids, being able to relate to them, being able to motivate them, while teaching the game requires rugged, stony training. A good coach knows how to juggle roles between an approachable friend, persevering guide and a tough game coach.


People skills to deal with parents

Youth sports parents can be the most difficult lot to deal with. High hopes coupled with often unrealistic expectations make parents very difficult. If you look at it, it’s kind of justified too. They are spending a lot of money on sports coaching, a little anxiety is called for. The coach needs to make them a part of the process and not make them mere spectators. But at the same time, the coach should know where to draw the line and not let participation cross over to the side of interference, so essentially someone who knows their way around people.


Once you have someone who meets all the essential qualities and skills, give them the essential training and acquaintance to the conduct and culture of your club. You can also prepare a ‘Code of Conduct’ document if you don’t have one. Additionally, create a team of all the coaches in the club, and initiate your new coach to InstaTeam or your preferred mode of communication. Treat your coaches like you’d want them to treat your players. Motivate, make them work hard, make them play harder.


Wishing you all the best for your new hiring. Stay fit, keep InstaTeaming.




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