Thursday, 14 January 2021

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Is Your Child Unwilling To Take Online Training For Sports and Fitness?

It’s been almost an year and the mask, social distancing and virtual life just doesn’t seem to end. Everybody’s sick of it, especially kids who are spending an insane amount of screen time. There’s online school, online homework submission, online study groups and then online training for their favourite sport. Unfair, but what is, is.


Online training is a great way to bring the team together, bond and do some physical training together. There are kids who do not get any other physical activity other than the online physical training. That said, it still is screen time. Other than ill effects on eyesight, increased screen time is also causing mental and emotional disturbances in children. There have been reported cases of children with sleep disturbances, behavioural problems, attention deficit,  and in some cases, even depression. So, if your child is not willing to participate in online training, we wouldn’t recommend insisting on it. Let the child decide for themselves. However, this virtual training abstinence should not come at the cost the child’s health, because physical activity is a must for growth and development.


Here are a few things you must ensure if the kid refuses to take virtual physical training:


·         Designate a fixed time during the day when the kid needs to go cycling around the neighbourhood with friends. Cycling helps maintain social distancing and is a great physical activity too. Plus, a little interaction with friends helps in mental and emotional upliftment.

·         If your child is missing the virtual training, ensure that they engage in some other physical activity during that time. If not physical activity, then something else perhaps like an indoor activity, study walking the dog, or playing in the backyard, but it should not be replaced by some other activity on the screen, like playing video games or watching something on Netflix.

·         Other than time for cycling, ensure your child gets some exercise time. Since kids are missing out on running, jumping etc. which they’d do while playing, they still need that kind of exercise for proper growth and healthy body.

·         Keep a check on the kid’s diet. A lot of kids are over eating, eating junk or just eating because there’s nothing better to do.


Hopefully, things will get back to normal soon. But before that happens, we need to take care and caution and make sure we engage in healthy habits. 



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