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How To Choose A Youth Sports Club For Your Child


As a parent you make all the decisions for your child, most of which affect your child’s upbringing, future and sometimes the while life. From school to nutrition, you do all you can to give your child the best. So, if it’s time to enrol your kid into sports, and you are not sure how to choose the best youth sports club for your kid, read on.


Here are a few important points you need to consider while looking for the best suited youth sports club.


What is the club’s track record?


This is perhaps the most fundamental of questions. You need to find out how many leagues has the club participated in and what has been their performance? How many times have they won championship and what is the percentage of their wins?


Is the club focused on wins?


Since the win-percentage is important, most clubs get too focused on it. The coaches are under pressure to win games, leagues, championships, and so much so that they pass on this pressure on to the kids. Some pressure is good because it prepares kids for life ahead, but too much pressure spoils the fun of learning. Youth sports is a great way to teach your child life skills that will help form your child’s personality. Things like discipline, perseverance, values, obedience, team work etc. are important life lessons, and wins should not come at the cost of these. It should be a fine balance between scores and skills, and not one weighing over the other.


How efficient and experienced are the coaches?


Your child’s sports future and safety both are at stake. Check if the coaches are professional and proficient in their game skills. Also, ensure all the coaches have their backgrounds checked.


What is the team size and the player-to-coach ratio?


Too big a crowd, and no one will get to learn; too small a team, and again there’s a dearth of skills and learning. Ideal team size will depend on the kind of sport you are enrolling your child in. Do your homework and find the number before you visit the club.


Are there any additional skills that will be imparted?


Although, this shouldn’t be the deal-breaker, but additional skills are always welcome. For instance some clubs have a yoga day once a week, or capoeira classes or some other skill.


Parents’ reviews


Do check with parents who already have their kids’ enrolled in the club. Ask as many as you can to get a fair picture.





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