Sunday, 24 January 2021

Published Sunday, January 24, 2021 with 7 comments

How To Boost Productivity Amongst Volunteers

When it comes to volunteers, sports club managers expect efficiency and accountability, which is a fair ask provided they are given a conducive environment which helps them perform to their potential. Here’s how you can help boost your volunteers’ productivity.


Bring in Accountability

Volunteers can be overwhelmed with managing multiple things at the same time, which slows productivity and brings in scope for error. A good way to change this is by creating events on InstaTeam and marking due dates for each task. This will help bring in transparency in their job and make them accountable for the tasks assigned to them.


Use Recognition and Rewards

Most volunteers are not paid or very scarcely paid. Any recognition and reward for a job well done helps them keep motivated. You may even choose to incentivise them by announcing the reward before the work is completed. Rewards may not necessarily be financial, they can something that volunteers look forward to, like a recommendation letter. Including them in the planning process can be a huge incentive too.


Give Them The Right Tools

Manually struggling to do the task may get overwhelming. Use technology to sort out the basics and beyond. For instance, InstaTeam’s tickets feature for events allows selling event tickets at the venue without using a separate card reader, the app can accept payments from credit and debit cards. This makes selling tickets a whole lot easier and faster and helps boost productivity.


Eliminate Distractions

Social media and instant messaging apps can be a huge distraction for teens and young adults. Have a policy for social media usage. Team communication can be taken care of through InstaTeam.


Allow Them Reasonable Breaks

Overworking is not necessarily equal to enhanced productivity. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Let them take their steam off during reasonable breaks, and then they’ll be ready to perform.






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