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Youth Sports Clubs: Prepping For Holidays

Although this is not like every Holiday season with Covid 19 still having its dark shadow cast on Holiday season of 2020, but it still is the Holiday season. The emotion remains the same, the sentiment remains the same and the importance also remains the same. More so, if your brand can make a connect with your clients during these testing times, the benefit would far exceed a regular promotion.


If you are looking for ideas to help create a sensitive promotion strategy, here are a few ideas.


Empathy is the key


You cannot have the ‘we are here to sell you club membership’ approach to ‘we are here for you’ approach. Offer free ‘immunity boosting workout’ sessions or offer advise from your coaches wherein they give tips to stay healthy and happy in a time like this. Before you freeze in on your promotion, gauge the sentiment in your target areas. If there’s a lock down, down play the selling and go all out with offering help, if the number of cases are coming down, then tweak your promotion strategy accordingly. Take socialmedia’s help to gauge sentiment.


With existing clients, offer them discounts, easy instalment plans or extend training period, whatever you can afford to do. Many people have lost their jobs, the economy is in doldrums and fiscal deficit is at its peak. Be sensitive to these things. Offer the best you can afford. Keep them engaged with virtual sessions, live-streaming trainings, group counselling etc.


Ho, Ho, Ho.. Tis The Season…


It may be in the middle of a global pandemic, but it still is Holidays. Let the joy spread, but don’t overdo it. Don’t blow the whole ‘celebrate’ on people’s faces. Little thoughtful gestures is the key. Here are a few ideas:


1.      Get Christmas goodies packed in small boxes, leave it outside people’s houses in the neighborhood. Put in a sweet message.

2.      Organize a neighborhood potluck wherein you set up the table, people make food, pack in in disposable boxes, leave their box on the table and take a random box. It could be fun group activity that does not violate social distancing norms.

3.      Make a video that does not talk about the pandemic, rather takes people’s minds off it.

4.      Organize a carol singing night wherein people stand outside their houses and sing Christmas carols together. You can have the carol booklet printed earlier so that people know the sequence.


At the end of the day, you are still running a business and you still need people to come back to you when all this is over. Keep your focus group engaged. Create health and fitness workouts free virtual sessions. Have people sign in and live stream the sessions on InstaTeam. This can be a good way to have a window of engagement open. Moreover, with features like sessions scheduled and the calendar synced, automatic reminders etc. People get to see the professionalism with which you operate.


The pandemic is not forever. Things will open up eventually. This sort of engagement will make people remember and come back to you when its time.




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