Monday, 7 December 2020

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Your Team Needs The Holiday Cheer Now More Than Ever

It’s the Holiday season like no other we have known. Coronavirus cases are on the rise, however desperate we may be, things are not returning to normal, not until the vaccine is in place. The good news – vaccine is in its final stages of development. The not-so good news – we may have to go through the Holidays with Coronavirus, its fear, its spread, social distancing and masks.

This is the kind of time that needs hope and reassurance. This is the kind of time when you change your role from the game coach to life coach. Let your team know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’ve been thinking of ways to engage and motivate your team/s during Holidays, here are a few tips:


Host a virtual Secret Santa Party

Secret Santa is a fun tradition. Who says with Coronavirus there can be no Secret Santa? Here’s what you can do – randomly assign team members’ names to each other. Set a price limit. The team players will have to choose a gift online and have it directly mailed to the receiver. Then on or before Christmas, schedule a Christmas party for the team, where-in everybody gets to open their gifts.


Go social with a cause

The one thing that this pandemic has taught us is that gratitude and kindness go a long way. Apart from this being an important life lesson, it is what will bring happiness and satisfaction in these unprecedented times. Create a virtual fundraiser on InstaTeam. Each team member must upload a short video of themselves saying what charity/cause they support and why. Upload the videos on social media and let people contribute towards the cause they relate to the most. All the money then goes to the cause that wins.


Send Holiday Goodies to your team members

Pleasant surprises make Holiday all the more special. Have a basket or box of goodies delivered to your team, right outside their front door. Make it small, it’s the gesture that matters. Home baked goodies will be the best.


Holiday Photos

Ask all the team members to share Holiday photos. You can have a theme like funny Holiday pictures or just the ones that spread Holiday cheer. Share the pics on InstaTeam photos. If the team-members are okay with it, upload the pics on team’s social media pages.



Bring the team together on a virtual meet and record carols of the whole team singing together. The kids can then go out in the neighbourhood with their tablet or smart phones and play the carol video while singing along. Nothing brings out Holiday cheer like carols.


Just a matter of time, and things will be back to the way they were, the ‘old’ normal and teams will be together playing again. This is a good time to bring teams mates closer and keep them motivated. Use this time for good, there are better times ahead.


Stay healthy, stay safe.


Keep InstaTeaming!





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