Monday, 7 December 2020

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Watching Over Your Team’s Health


In wake of the pandemic that has changed our notion about health and safety, it is essential that every club/coach keep a tab on their sports team’s heath. Coronavirus has been reported to have long-term effects on some people’s health which may not show up for months. Some have their lungs affected forever, in some cases even brain fogging has been reported. Hence health monitoring should be done irrespective of whether the game has resumed or not.  

Here are a few tips to help you monitor your teams’ health.

The first step is to get the basics in place. Here’s a list of essential measures for health monitoring.

·         Make sure the roster on InstaTeam app is updated with latest, verified contact information.

·         Have a contact matrix in place. Team players should know who to contact in case of emergency.

·         Share all important communication and Covid related information as received from the government or authorities.

In case of online training:

·         Make sure the team members are well aware of the day, time and training agenda for each session well in advance.

·         You can conduct live training via the InstaTeam live steaming feature.

·         Ask team players to mark their attendance on InstaTeam as and when you schedule the training.

·         Take feedback and understand if you need to make some changes in the method of conducting training to make it more engaging.

·         Keep yourself connected with your teams. Conduct regular counseling sessions to keep the team motivated.

·         Keep a tap on players who miss sessions. Find out about their health.

·         Encourage team players to take up bike rides in the neighborhood. Cycling is a great exercise and perfect for social distancing.

·         Bring in variety in your training and on-line sessions to keep the team engaged.

·         Counsel kids on healthy eating to boost immunity.

With vaccine development in its final stages, it is just a matter of time when we will be able to resume normal life. Until then, stay safe and ensure your team’s safe too.



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