Tuesday, 1 December 2020

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Tips To Keep Your Young Athlete Motivated For Training During Pandemic

Just when we were getting ready to get back to our lives and start normal routines again, the second spike of Coronavirus has started. What’s worse, experts say it’s deadlier and spreading. This means we are better off at home than out.

This is going to be tough on everyone, especially on the kids who actively participated in youth sports, since they so looked forward to getting back to the ground, training with their friends, playing out in the open. The only physical activity kids can do is train, perhaps with their teammates, virtually.InstaTeam’s live streaming feature can be used to train the entire team together. This will keep the team connected while ensuring there is a level of discipline in the players.

Here are a few tips to keep the players motivated for team training:

1.      Decide upon a fixed time for everyday training. Make sure the training starts on time and have some kind of penalty for late-joiners.

2.      Ask players to have a certain kind of set-up for the training. For instance, if you wish to take the training outside, ask kids to make proper arrangements in the backyard or garden. For indoor training also, kids should choose an appropriate place in the house that has sufficient space and no obstructions. Kids should be discouraged to do the training in their bedroom, living room or any place that can be accident-prone.

3.      Instruct kids to wear training clothes. This will not only help them do the physical activity with ease but will also bring them in a certain mind frame. You’ll be surprised to see how our look changes our behavior.

4.      Have a training schedule pre-planned. Agreed that you in-field experience makes you an expert trainer who doesn’t need to see a list or a plan for training, but this is nothing like in-field training. Online training can be a whole lot difficult and keeping trainees engaged can be a big challenge.

5.      You can ask each player to take charge of the training playlist for a day. This is a great way to actively engage them.

6.      Keep changing the exercises and keep introducing new things. Routine exercises will easily become monotonous and you’ll lose their attention.

7.      Have some interesting team games.

8.      Set goals. If the kids have something to look forward to, they will be naturally motivated.

Here are some more resources to help you and your team sail through these troubled waters - http://blog.instateam.net/search?q=pandemic.




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