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Re-opening Resources


Here are a few resources to help you prepare for a safe re-opening and steadily carry on with operations there on. These are a few documents and checklists that will help cut the clutter, confusion and put the POA in place.


1.      Covid 19 Contact Document

Although the contact information is basic and everyone has it in the office, but this information should be printed and put up on the notice board and also widely circulated to all the teams on InstaTeam. This document should contain the following information:


·         Primary point of contact in the office, handheld phone number, email

·         Secondary point of contact in the office, handheld phone number, email


2.      Assign a Covid 19 warrior team. This team needs to have members responsible for each of the following:


·         Hygiene and sanitization

·         Player and parent precautions

·         Staff precautions

·         Emergency situation handling (in case of a positive case)

·         Post-Covid support


Standard operating procedures for each of these need to be defined and circulated amongst the staff. You need to have the detailed plan for business continuity in case there’s a suspected or confirmed outbreak of the virus in your premises. Also, write down the detailed plan of what happens when there’s a positive member of the staff or a player/parent (who are visiting the centre) is positive.


3.      Ensure the proper cleaning equipment and chemicals are there. If not, are you willing to outsource it to professional cleaning service providers?


4.      Basic preparedness


a.      Ensure there are hand sanitization stations at all entry and exit points and near all training areas.

b.      Ensure there is ample supply of sanitizers, hand wash, paper towels, tissues and other hygiene things.

c.       Have posters put up with messages emphasizing sanitary habits and social distancing.

d.      Discourage people to touch surfaces by putting up signs.

e.      Draw place marks keeping the 1.5-meter distance in mind where children train. 

f.        Make a detailed leave policy just in case staff is sick or they need to go in self quarantine.


5.      Conduct regular trainings to ensure that staff, parents and players are all aware of the precautions they need to take and the next-steps just in case there’s an emergency.





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