Thursday, 24 December 2020

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Most Valuable Christmas Lessons You Want Your Young Athlete To Learn

The true spirit of Christmas has gotten lost in the compulsive consumerism extravaganza this Holiday has become. It’s all about the d├ęcor, drama, feast, fiesta and not to forget, the over-the-top gifts. Its rather sad to see how our kids picture Christmas, and it is not even their fault. This is what they have seen and this is what they have learned.


If this bothers you too, here are the simple things that truly define Christmas. Teach them to your children, your youth sports team or your class, these will be enriching lessons for every child.



There are people with no families, no money, no limbs, no home, no one to love and care. We on the other hand, take all our life gifts for granted. Tell your children to first acknowledge all the gifts they have and then be thankful for them.


            The activity

Make a list of everything that you love and value in your life, everything including your relationships, material things and anything else you can think of. Let them know that all of these are privileges or gifts that they are blessed with, and then there are those who are less fortunate.


There’s greater joy in giving

Come December and parents get involved in finding that perfect gift that would bring a smile on the child’s face. The problem with this system is that the gifts never end. We get our children what they want and when they want it. So practically, they keep getting gifts year round. This time of the year, teach your kids the joy of giving.


The activity

Buy something that can be of use, warm clothes, blanket, warm socks, food, anything. Involve your kids in wrapping these gifts. On Christmas eve, drive around the neighbourhood to find homeless people and make your kids give them the gifts. When these people open the gifts and see, tell the kids to notice the joy. For your kids, this experience will e more gratifying than receiving gifts.


Family is important

Many a times, kids get overwhelmed with their parents and siblings. If your child is a teenager, there’s a bigger chance of them getting worked up with family members. Holidays are a good time to tell your kids the importance of a well-knit family, the importance of the love and care they find at home.


            The activity

Use this time of the year to spend some quality time with your kids. Play family games together, cook together, have a movie night, start a holiday tradition if you already don’t have one.


Kindness is one of the greatest of virtues

Kindness not just towards one another, but also towards other creatures, the earth and everything around us. A loving touch, gentle smile or a kind word can do wonders to us. Kids need to understand the importance of these gestures.


            The activity

Ask your kids about the one person who annoys them the most. They need to write down one good quality about that person. Encourage your child to go and tell that person of this good quality. This will be a great life lesson for kids.





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