Thursday, 3 December 2020

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Holiday Season Eating Tips For Athletes

The one thing that most people dread about Holidays is the food. There is a surplus of sugary foods, fried food and the binge eating that can take a serious toll on health and fitness. Staying fit and on your fitness regime becomes a challenge. As athletes this challenge becomes all the more  grave, since any slip in health and fitness can directly affect performance.

If you are in this situation, don’t sulk. Here are some healthy eating tips that help you enjoy Holidays to the fullest without compromising your health.

1.      Eat before the dinner

If you about to attend a Holiday dinner, never go on an empty stomach. On an empty stomach, the cravings are going to be so strong that you won’t be able to balance your fiber, proteins and carbs, you’ll straight head to the sinful food you’ve so successfully been avoiding. Eat something that will settle the pangs and leave room for some food. Have a salad or a fruit. Also, drink a lot of water. That will settle the false alarms of hunger.

2.      Eat consciously

If you sit in front of the television and eat, you most likely will eat more. Take smaller portions and smaller bites. Indulge your senses. Diverted attention will only lead to over eating.

3.      Find a friend

There must be one of your teammates or someone else who needs to control their diet too. Buddy up. Having a conscious eater by your side will help you get the strength to fight your cravings. In fact, both of you can also help each other by keeping a check on one-another.

4.      Choose your sin

If you are celebrating Holidays, it’s just natural to indulge a little. Don’t deprive yourself of that pleasure. Choose any one goodie that you would love to indulge in. Relish it in reasonable portions. Do not over indulge.

5.      Exercise

Late nights, hangover, unbearable cold, let nothing keep you from exercising. Do not get into self-pity and go easy. No exercise could mean a direct effect on your performance and being an athlete, whose passion is sports, you wouldn’t allow that, would you?

Share your Holiday experiences and fitness regime with your team.

Happy Holidays! Stay healthy. Stay safe.

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