Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Published Wednesday, December 23, 2020 with 3 comments

10 Ways You Can Help Your Team Stay Happy and Healthy During Pandemic

It’s been a tough year. The pandemic has been harsh on one and all. People have had their own battles during the pandemic, some have suffered financially, some have lost a loved one, some have been going through anxiety, then there’s Covid fatigue and so much more.


If the mental and emotional well-being of your team has been bothering you, here are a few ways you can motivate them and lift their spirits up. Here are a few suggestions that you can encourage your team to do.


1.      Take a social media break. Too much of pandemic news can be bothering. The team can always stay in touch with InstaTeam that already cuts the clutter out of communication.


2.      Make new personal fitness/training goals. Lay a lot of focus on training because perhaps that’s the only physical activity that most of them are doing. Sharing goals and throwing challenges brings out a healthy competition that helps keep the mind alert and in-action.


3.      Spend time in nature, watching the sunset, taking a hike, going biking, in whatever way you can. Even if you cannot manage this on a regularly throughout the week, do it at least once or twice a week. It will make you feel rejuvenated.


4.      Practice yoga or deep stretching at least two sessions in a week. This will relax the soreness from the week-long workout sessions. Besides, yoga is known to relax both, the body and the mind.


5.      Follow a routine. Sleep in time. Waking up late skews the body’s natural steroid cycle which in turn affects health.


6.      Eat healthy. This not only benefits your body but is also good for your mental health.


7.      Workout with the team.


8.      Support each-other in the team because that’s what the team does, they’ve got each-other’s backs.


9.      Share motivating content on InstaTeam.


10.  Support other teams/athletes overcome the anxiety of the pandemic. Helping someone is the surest way to feel good about yourself. It’s an instant mood lifter.




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