Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Published Tuesday, November 10, 2020 with 4 comments

Youth Sports and The Advantage of Social Media

We have extensively covered social media presence , strategy and promotion. Since the various channels of social media are such an important and popular platform, everything about a business’ social media should be thorough and precise.

Here are a few more ideas for social media engagement for youth sports clubs.

Live Streaming

With the launch of YouTube, videos became a rave. Slowly technology evolved, smart phones got smarter, and social media became a compulsive habit for people and a promising window for marketers. Now, from being a promising window, social media have become a quintessential touch point for anyone who wants to connect and engage with their customers.

That said, live streaming of your games is a great way of engaging your customers. If you don’t live stream it, somebody else will, and you wouldn’t want some other channel to engage your audience.

For all the events that are scheduled on the InstaTeam app, the events that are live can be live-screened. All the team members can watch live screening and share it on their social media.

Stay Updated

Follow the latest news and events in the world of sporting. Comment, like and share content that is relevant. This will help you stay relevant and your users stay updated. Refrain getting into political debates or taking controversial stands; people in the world of social media are highly opiniated, you wouldn’t want your user base to be divided, so a positive, neutral stance is suggested.


Not just with your userbase, client base, players etc., but also with athlete celebrities, official handles of national teams and leagues and other sports clubs. This is a great way of getting noticed and also getting leverage for social media search optimization.

As a sports club, it would be a great idea to show your sporting spirit. To do so, you must also engage in friendly banter with competition. It would also be a good idea to give genuine compliments on their victories and achievements. Keeps you on the right side of competition.



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