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The Secret Ingredient To Success: Sports And Beyond

Youth sports are a great way to initiate your kid into essential life lessons that go a long way in building your child’s character and personality. Some children have a natural panache for sports, others may not have similar love for the outdoors. So the dilemma many parents face is that if it is a good idea to persuade kids for youth sports if they are not sure whether the child is interested or not.

Many people may argue that kids shouldn’t be forced into doing something they are not interested in, it goes against their natural instincts and may have long term effects. It is actually true considering that interest is a strong motivator to do something. Contrastingly, doing something you are not interested in, requires strong persuasion and more energy than usual. Therefore, coaxing children into participating in any activity they are not interested in, may require them to put in extraordinary exertion and may also put strain on them, mentally, physically or even both.

While this argument holds true for most activities, we would not say it’s true for sports. Participating in sports is a great way to learn and grow. Children learn essential life skills like discipline, teamwork, ability to accept both victory and losses with grace, cooperation, communication, persistence, hard-work, respect, and so much more. Plus, it’s healthy for children to play outdoors than spend screen time indoors. The whole package of youth sports, all the game skills and life skills that it teaches, is an essential part of a child’s growth process, and it goes a long way in forming the character and personality of the child. So, if you are thinking whether or not to enroll your child in youth sports, we would say, don’t give it a second thought, just go ahead.

Although, there is one apprehension. The minute a child gets in a youth sports club, the coaches, parents and everybody starts focusing on sports excellence and victories. It doesn’t stop there. There’s cut-throat competition and the training is focused on developing aggression in the kids, aggression to win in the field. This is not how we recommend kids being brought up. There needs to be an understanding that the kids participating in youth sports need to be treated like kids. They need to learn to play and enjoy playing as much as they need to learn game skills. They need to learn teamwork as much as they need to learn competition. They need to learn discipline more than they need to learn aggression. Some people might argue that the aggression, the competitiveness and the rigorous training is essential for making players/athletes out of the kids. While that is true, we essentially believe there needs to be an appropriate age where kids can be exposed to these skills too. It makes a lot more sense during the child’s pre-teen or teenage, when their energy and aggression needs channelling. As toddlers they need to be initiated to the positive and gentler aspect of sports.  

Sports can be a good start for both: children who do not have a keen interest in sports and children who can make a career in sports. All of them learn essential life skills that will help them excel in life, sports and beyond.

We at InstaTeam believe in the positive power of sports and support everything team.

Good luck in sports. Keep InstaTeaming.




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