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Important Points To Consider While Scheduling


We at InstaTeam understand how important scheduling is for a youth sports organizer. Making an accurate schedule is the key to the success of a league. Based on our experience with InstaTeam users, we have compiled a list of important points to consider while scheduling.

·       Ensure the schedules don’t clash. Whether you are scheduling for a league or for your sports club, see to it that two or more teams are not allotted the same date and time for the same venue.

·       Do not leave things to imagination. While creating an event on InstaTeam, ensure you put in all the exact details including date, time, venue, location of the venue marked on the map on InstaTeam so that people can get driving directions etc.

·       Although it is implied that the reporting time will be earlier than the game time, but it’s very important that that exact game time and reporting time for players is mentioned. Any miscommunication or misunderstanding and you may end up without having the whole team together on the field, or latecomers missing out on important instructions.

·       Clearly mention the uniform/clothes that players need to wear and the gear/food/things they need to carry along. Actually, it would be a good idea to send a reminder message an evening prior with all these details, just to be sure the players and their parents do not forget.

·       If you have an event, session or a simple team hang-out after the game, clearly mention that too. Parents need to know from where they can pick their kids up, and at what time.

·       If you have a youth sports club that trains in more than one sport and has several teams, ensure you provide the same exposure and opportunity to each sport and each team. Just because a certain type of sport is very popular or a particular team is doing exceptionally well, it doesn’t mean that they should get more games or outings than the others.

·       Schedule matches between teams of competent skills/level.

·       Ensure each team gets enough break or rest time between matches.

·       Make sure the games are scheduled at sane day-time hours, not too early in the morning or too late at night.

·       Scheduling games during Holidays without taking parents’/players’ consent.

Scheduling on InstaTeam ensures players and parents get notifications when the schedule is created, the event is automatically marked in their digital calendars, they get to mark attendance, and they also get automatic reminders before the event. InstaTeam also helps create a carpool schedule if the players need one and auto-synced map provides driving directions to the venue. There are a whole lot of added features that makes scheduling a breeze for organizers and parents. In short, InstaTeam is the perfect sports management tool that ensures every aspect of sports team management, be it scheduling or communication, is managed perfectly well.

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