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How To Effectively Communicate With Parents During Tryouts

Try-outs can be tricky. While as a club you are trying to pick up the best players, parents are also trying to find the best club for their kids. So, as and when you are selecting the best team for your club, you are also selling your club to the parents. This is can be difficult because as a club you would have to maintain a balance, too much selling can also give the wrong impression.

If you are registering, so are other clubs. While the facilities and offerings will more or less be the same, the one factor that will set you apart will be professionalism. Smooth arrangements and logistics taken for granted, proper communication is the key.

As parents get their child’s name listed for the try-out, encourage them to download InstaTeam. For different batches of try-outs, create different teams. This is important because with InstaTeam you will be able to communicate with parents without loading them with the burden of social media chat or interrupting phone calls. Moreover, with features like automatics reminders and non-intrusive communication through different channels, parents are bound to notice the level of professionalism.

Here how you can establish perfect communication with the parents:

·       Create an event of try-out on InstaTeam. Send a detailed message on the email with all important information like:

o   Registration – date, time, process, documents required

o   Date and location of the try-out events.

o   Suitable clothes and gear for kids.

o   The structure of tryouts and the skills players will be tested on.

o   Any other important information that you need to send across.

o   The number of players in each batch etc.

Once the initial communication has been sent out through InstaTeam, the club management can be assured that all the parents are on the same page. To add to the flow of communication, parents can be asked to mark their attendance which will further ensure that parents have read and understood the communication. To notch it up to the next level, the initial communication can also include helpful resources to help parents get a perspective on the kind of preparation required.

During the try-outs, keep parents informed of schedule for the day. Have a table for addressing their questions and concerns. Listen, and address concerns, don’t go defensive if somebody complains. It will send the right message to the group at large.

 Once the try-outs are over, thank players and parents for participating. Make sure you communicate the results to the parents in one-on-one text messages or on email. Do not send group notifications. InstaTeam has the texting feature that can be used for this.

While there is no set frequency of sending messages, it’s still best to not over do it. Just use enough communication to inform, and not intrude.

All the very best with your try-outs.



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