Monday, 30 November 2020

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Thank You So Very Much

It’s Thanksgiving and we can’t think of anything but gratitude.

We want to thank all our users for making us a part of your teams, for encouraging us with all the love and support, for taking out time from your busy schedules to say nice things about us, giving us your testimonials. We sincerely thank you for the kind words.

Wow! This app has it all. I can track dues, schedules, who is available to play and who isn’t. I used to have trouble group texting the entire team (simple text, not this app) some would get it some wouldn’t 't. Using this app is soooo much better. It sends a pop up notification to the team. Also, on match/game day I can tell when the players arrive as it shows them "present". Just a lot of cool little features like that make it so worthwhile. I paid for the ad free subscription so the team would not get the ads. They are really intrusive.

- Quidproquo, Android User

Thank you Quidproquo. We are glad the communication feature is coming in handy for you. We wish you and your team the very best.

It's really good. I highly recommend this app.

- Vanny626, iOS User

Thank you Vanny626 for using InstaTeam and thank you for recommending us too.

Very handy for keeping all of your team up to date in one central location.

- Samantha Jones, Coach

Thank you Samantha. We are glad our platform is helping you with team management. Here’s wishing all the very best for you and your team.

I have tried most of the team management apps out there, and this one is the most complete and has the most features for the free edition. Also, this app doesn't crash like the app ** * mstuff. It's amazing!

- Lee, Android User

Thank you Lee. We do strive hard to provide our users a seamless experience. Glad we could live up to it. We promise we will keep working towards further enhancing your experience.

It is so easy to organize my tennis team. There are many seniors on my team and this app is easy for them to navigate. Also, I needed tech support and it was quick and painless.

- Myssahall, iOS User

Thank you Myssahall for the kind words. We are honoured that our attribute ‘ease of use’ is not just a claim, but something our users enjoy. We are also glad we could be of help. Here’s wishing you and your team the very best.

Highly recommended! Handling Dues & Payments, paid event with ticketing feature, team survey, fast team messaging. Team communication via chat system. Best way to manage team and events.

- Richard Parker, Coach

Thank you Richard. Thank you for using InstaTeam, the whole length and breadth of it. Having made all those features, we feel elated when they come in handy for someone. Thank you indeed.

As Admin for a few children's teams in our large Rugby club I have always found this app to be brilliant. I can communicate easily and quickly with parents both as a team and individually. Setting up and amending the schedule of events is easy and can be applied to more than one team if necessary. Other teams in the club have begun using the app on the basis of the great feedback from those already using it. The fullest functionality comes from using the PC version, but once the year ahead is set up, 95 % of my use is from the app. The support team are incredibly helpful and have even updated functionality to cater for our need.

- Chris Brockhurst, Android User

Thank you Chris. We are humbled by the generosity of your kind words. So glad all those features come in handy for you and also glad we could be of help. When it comes to helping our users, we are an eager lot. Do trust us to be there whenever you need us. Wishing you and your team the very best.

This is the most user friendly, visually appealing, and helpful team app out there. Get it and you won't be disappointed.

- O Murr, iOS User

Thank you O Murr. Words like these are the high points of our motivation. We will keep striving to live up to your expectations every single time. Thank you so very much!

As a coach, InstaTeam is the best way to manage teams. With such great features it is a one of a kind software for managing teams. Love it!!

- Steve Smith, Coach

Thank you Steve. We are overwhelmed with joy for you love us. We will strive to keep that place with whatever it takes – better, faster, easier, friendlier, more efficient, more engaging, anything.

Awesome way to communicate and stay plugged in with any team you make thru the app. You can do anything with this when it comes to everyone being on the same page. Also seamless.

- G. Derrick Lawson, Android User

Thank you G. Seamless is the word. Thank you seeing us the way we do.

This is one of the best apps I have ever so easy setting up practices, messaging, and telling who's gonna be there. Without this app i would be so disorganized, but thanks to this app I am all organized and ready for whatever hits me. This is a MUST GET APP for all coaches and teams.

- Anuj@Calofornia, iOS User

Thank you Anuj. Helping you with your schedule is one of our prime priorities, so, we’ve got your back. Thank you for the kind words.

As Admin for a few children's teams, I have always found this app to be brilliant. I can communicate easily and quickly with parents both as a team and individually. The support team are incredibly helpful and have even updated functionality to cater for our need.

- Charles David, Admin

Thank you Charles. Glad to be there for you, our pleasure indeed.

Love knowing that I can be notified being that I forget a lot of things. But the coaches are amazing and the young men are wonderful in showing each other what teams and shift is about by helping each other out. I love this app and I love that it keeps the parents up-to-date and never late.

- Elisa Gonzales, Android User

Thank you Elisa. Team work is all InstaTeam is about too. We’re humbled you love us. Thank you indeed.

I love this app because this app has EVERYTHING... event management, messaging, social sharing, carpooling, live coverage of the events and more.... GOOD JOB !!!

- Coach Jubin, iOS User

Thank you for the kind words Coach Jubin. We’re so humbled. We’ll strive to keep it up.

Sleek and simple interface makes it the best choice for me, social chat and car pooling are added advantage I was looking for. Keep up the good work

- Shirley Smith, Admin

Thank you Shirley. We are glad carpooling came in handy for you.

This app helps us to keep up with the coach, game schedule and location as well as coordinate with the other parents about snacks, supplies and carpool needs. I recommend this app for busy teams and coaches and kids!

- Laura Emily Labus, Android User

Thank you Laura. Thanks for recommending us to busy teams, coaches and kids. Busy parents like yourself were one of the prime inspirations for InstaTeam. Hope we’ve lived up to your expectations too.

This app is really great. Parents are happy because they can see all the events information in one place, they can directly communicate with coaches, messaging part is excellent. I highly recommend this app. GOOD JOB

- Reed John J, iOS User

Thank you Reed. A little praise goes a long way. Thank you for inspiring us.

I started using this app last soccer season. It is a great app for keeping in contact with the rest of the team, much better than group texting. You can private message individually or send a group message. The practice/game schedule can be put on the app with all the details to keep everyone informed. Parents can also check mark if they are going or not so you can always know how many you are going to have. Great App for sure!

- Scott Lattea, Android User

Thank you Scott. We are glad our features come in handy for you. A big thank you for using InstaTeam.

This app has been a great tool for my daughter's cheer squad, coach and parents to stay connected. We are able to communicate and keep everyone on the same page. The app makes my life a lot easier!

- CjwONE, iOS User

Thank you CjwONE. Here’s wishing you, your daughter and her team all the very best. Keep InstaTeaming!

Instateam is pretty good and I use it for my teams and their schedules. It has great features and is very easy to navigate. Great app to keep you organized.

- Sheryl John, Admin

Thank you Sheryl for the kind words. Wishing you and all your teams all the very best.

Love this app I coach tennis and this app has worked fantastically for my players and their parents to communicate all in one place. It would be even better if it could track stats so I wouldn't need a sperate app for that.Thanks!

- Annika Viragh, Android User

Thank you Annika. We appreciate your feedback, great idea. We’ve already started working on it. Thank you indeed.

Excellent app. Works beautifully. Only wish it would allow to copy an event or series of events to another team. Thanks!

- Andy PowerCad, iOS User

Thank you Andy. Excellent idea. On it captain!

I m an organizer of a league team and Instateam has really helped our little league team to communicate. There are events where we can schedule times and places to meet, as well as chat. Awesome!

- Mark Henry, Organizer

Thank you Mark. Glad we could be of help. Wishing all the very best with your league.

We have three homeschool teams that we are managing with InstaTeam. It has all the features we needed. Notifications were sketchy at first but seem to be reliable since the last update. Support us great too - they respond quickly. The calendar sync works well especially if you have a Google account. The biggest challenge has been to get the admins to stop using email and to use the team push notifications.

- Steve Bokmiller, Android User

Thank you Steve. Thank you for your feedback, helped us see the room for improvement. Do let us know if you need anything else, we’d be more than glad to be of assistance. Thank you indeed.

We use this app for our cheerleading team and it is AMAZING. It lets us see our attendance so the coach can know how many to expect. GREAT app!!!

- Cheerleader12304, iOS User

Thank you Cheerleader12304. Wishing you and your team all the very best.

I have been using InstaTeam for several months. I am the manager of a Band and use it to schedule events and keep members informed of practices, etc. Great software. Highly recommend! Technical support is outstanding. Very responsive and answers all questions quickly.

- Andrew Johnson, Manager

Thank you Andrew. Very kind of you to let us know we rock too. Thank you for using InstaTeam. Rock on!

Love it - team management never been easier. I created my three teams within minutes. Instant messaging to all team members is smart - you know they all saw it.

- Christopher Myers, Android User

Thank you Christopher. We’re glad you are having a good experience using InstaTeam. Wishing you and your teams all the very best.

Love the app so far. Allows me to see upcoming events for our team as well as past events, including scores. Also lets us confirm whether we are attending an upcoming game.

- Coop816, iOS User

Thank you Coop816. We’re glad you like our features. Thank you for using InstaTeam.

WORKS FOR ME! I am a coach and Instateam keeps me updated on where and when the cheer practice and games are being held..BTW love the option to post pics and videos.

- Mark James, Coach

Thank you Mark. We’re so glad InstaTeam works for you, we all do. Thank you for your kind words.

Used this app for 2 hockey seasons now. It's user friendly and has lots of cool features that other team apps don/'t have. Highly recommend!

- Cynthia Mckinley, Android User

Thank you Cynthia for using InstaTeam and recommending it too. Thank you indeed!

Our youth program has used it for several season. And I tell every coach I see about it. This eliminates the ok, thanks, got it texts.

- Litt/'gamergirl, iOS User

Thank you Litt/’gamergirl. Thank you for using InstaTeam and recommending us to everyone. We’re touched. We really are.

Youth sports made easy! As a coach we all have those parents you just can't get a hold of or have a difficult time sending messages to everyone on the team.. Not anymore! I can send out messages to my whole team and they get the notification right on their phones. They can privately message me, I can also put games and practices along with the location and send out reminders! Awesome!

- David Anderson, Coach

Thank you David. Glad the communication feature is coming in real handy for you. We’re humbled.

Fantastic! Makes communication with parents easy. Can easily send out schedule updates.

- Zac Roberts, Android User

Thank you Zac. Thank you for using InstaTeam.

I coach a college bowling team and, with so many of my guys not liking Facebook but still always on their phones, this is the perfect solution. I can track attendance, talk to them while on the computer and easily send notifications and confirm when they read them. Only thing I wish is that there was a small upfront fee to rid myself of the advertisements but this is 1000 times better than paying a monthly fee.

- Spareshoota, iOS User

Thank you Spareshoota. We are great the features are coming in handy for you. Good suggestion about the upfront fees. It sure needs to be considered, we’ll start right away with the brainstorming and number crunching.

Great Team Manager! This app is a TERRIFIC way to manage your team, player availability, lineup and this app!

- David Resurreccion, Android User

Thank you David. We’re humbled for you love us. We love being there for you too!

I've been coaching in a U12 rec league now for 3 years and have finally found a go to communication method that makes things simple for me and my player's parents. Calendar function syncs with google calendar and calendar cancellations or edits prompts auto emails to be sent to all subscribed email accounts. Game snack sign up feature, attendance notification and score tally to round it out! I know I'm not hitting all of the functions but I won't be going to another method of communication! Thanks InstaTeam!!


Thank you BIOLGZT. We’re so glad that even a few features can do the job for you. Thank you for using InstaTeam. Wishing you and your team all the very best.

Great App Best app i'ved used thus far and I have used just about them all from the google app store. Thanks Instateam for this great team management app.

- Familia Villalobos, Android User

Thank you Familia for being this great patron. We’re glad we could live up to your expectation and will strive to be there.

This app has been extremely helpful in keeping our team members and parents up to date on what's happening, without having to make a ton of phone calls. Great way to stay up to date, and makes communication more efficient. Highly recommend this app!

- Puttinnwork, iOS User

Thank you Puttinnwork. Thank you for using InstaTeam, we’re glad you liked it. Thank you for recommending us.

Keeps me informed. Allows me to stay on track with what's going on with my wrestling team.

- Kavin Williams, Android User

Thank you Kavin. We’re glad to be of help. Thank you for using InstaTeam.

Great app to keep everything Team in one place. I love how it will move events to my calendar - one at a time or all of them at once. Seeing team rosters including parents is hugely helpful, and it's all here in my phone.

- CaliHoops, iOS User

Thank you CaliHoops. We strive to make your team life easy and convenient. We are glad we could help you achieve it.

Brilliant! Simple and powerful. Once everybody joins keeping track of them and adding events is a breeze.

- Scott Freeman, Android User

Thank you Scott for the kind words. Thank you so very much.

Love it although some of the features are not intuitive and can take a while to get used to. Been using it for about 8 months and love it as the taekwondo team manager. It's much easier having one centralized place for team communications and events

- SmDailey929, iOS User

Thank you SmDailey929. Thank you for using InstaTeam. Wishing you and your taekwondo team all the very best.

Organized I love how the team can communicate who is and isn't going to practice.

- Esther Mondesir, Android User

Thank you Esther. Thak you for using InstaTeam.

Love this app! I love that anybody can update the scores during live events. It's easy to get updates and messages from coach and stay in the loop with happenings and games.

- Honeybear2002, iOS User

Thank you Honeybear2002. So glad InstaTeam helps you stay connected and in the loop, it is indeed our raison d’etre.

This app makes it very easy to keep up with busy schedules. I wish they had it when I was in Team Mom instead of having to group text & keep track of who you had to contact for rain outs or changes in practices!

- Lisa Jenison, Android User

Thank you Lisa. Sorry we weren’t around earlier when you needed us. Will strive not to disappoint you now that we are there. Thank you indeed.

We are using this team and found great tools to manage team members, events, availability, carpool and notifications. Happy with this app.

- J Jose**, iOS User

Thank you J. So glad you’re happy, our ultimate motive achieved – making our users happy. You made our day!

Great help. Love everything about the app. Use it for a high school soccer team and it's been such a time saver.

- Denis Recchia, Android User

Thank you Denis. Thank you for using InstaTeam and for loving it. Wishing you and your high school soccer team all the very best.

Awesome app. Does everything we need plus it keeps player contacts out of your regular contacts so there's no confusion later wonder who that random contact is.

- Madjoshua, iOS User

Thank you Madjoshua. Thank you for using InstaTeam. We’re glad the contact privacy worked for you so well. Thank you.

Very versatile with newest improvements The addition of the ability to comment when checking in for an event has changed everything! I would like a bulletin board to post records and times and such.

- Randall Corcoran, Android User

Thank you Randall. Bulletin board is a great idea. Forwarded it to our design team. Thank you so very much.

This app works great for sharing team info and pictures. I was surprised how great this app works. Thank You!

- Pop Warner Coach, iOS User

Thank you Pop. It feels great hearing this. Thank you indeed.

Thank you all for your love and support.

Keep InstaTeaming!


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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Published Tuesday, November 10, 2020 with 4 comments

Youth Sports and The Advantage of Social Media

We have extensively covered social media presence , strategy and promotion. Since the various channels of social media are such an important and popular platform, everything about a business’ social media should be thorough and precise.

Here are a few more ideas for social media engagement for youth sports clubs.

Live Streaming

With the launch of YouTube, videos became a rave. Slowly technology evolved, smart phones got smarter, and social media became a compulsive habit for people and a promising window for marketers. Now, from being a promising window, social media have become a quintessential touch point for anyone who wants to connect and engage with their customers.

That said, live streaming of your games is a great way of engaging your customers. If you don’t live stream it, somebody else will, and you wouldn’t want some other channel to engage your audience.

For all the events that are scheduled on the InstaTeam app, the events that are live can be live-screened. All the team members can watch live screening and share it on their social media.

Stay Updated

Follow the latest news and events in the world of sporting. Comment, like and share content that is relevant. This will help you stay relevant and your users stay updated. Refrain getting into political debates or taking controversial stands; people in the world of social media are highly opiniated, you wouldn’t want your user base to be divided, so a positive, neutral stance is suggested.


Not just with your userbase, client base, players etc., but also with athlete celebrities, official handles of national teams and leagues and other sports clubs. This is a great way of getting noticed and also getting leverage for social media search optimization.

As a sports club, it would be a great idea to show your sporting spirit. To do so, you must also engage in friendly banter with competition. It would also be a good idea to give genuine compliments on their victories and achievements. Keeps you on the right side of competition.

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The Secret Ingredient To Success: Sports And Beyond

Youth sports are a great way to initiate your kid into essential life lessons that go a long way in building your child’s character and personality. Some children have a natural panache for sports, others may not have similar love for the outdoors. So the dilemma many parents face is that if it is a good idea to persuade kids for youth sports if they are not sure whether the child is interested or not.

Many people may argue that kids shouldn’t be forced into doing something they are not interested in, it goes against their natural instincts and may have long term effects. It is actually true considering that interest is a strong motivator to do something. Contrastingly, doing something you are not interested in, requires strong persuasion and more energy than usual. Therefore, coaxing children into participating in any activity they are not interested in, may require them to put in extraordinary exertion and may also put strain on them, mentally, physically or even both.

While this argument holds true for most activities, we would not say it’s true for sports. Participating in sports is a great way to learn and grow. Children learn essential life skills like discipline, teamwork, ability to accept both victory and losses with grace, cooperation, communication, persistence, hard-work, respect, and so much more. Plus, it’s healthy for children to play outdoors than spend screen time indoors. The whole package of youth sports, all the game skills and life skills that it teaches, is an essential part of a child’s growth process, and it goes a long way in forming the character and personality of the child. So, if you are thinking whether or not to enroll your child in youth sports, we would say, don’t give it a second thought, just go ahead.

Although, there is one apprehension. The minute a child gets in a youth sports club, the coaches, parents and everybody starts focusing on sports excellence and victories. It doesn’t stop there. There’s cut-throat competition and the training is focused on developing aggression in the kids, aggression to win in the field. This is not how we recommend kids being brought up. There needs to be an understanding that the kids participating in youth sports need to be treated like kids. They need to learn to play and enjoy playing as much as they need to learn game skills. They need to learn teamwork as much as they need to learn competition. They need to learn discipline more than they need to learn aggression. Some people might argue that the aggression, the competitiveness and the rigorous training is essential for making players/athletes out of the kids. While that is true, we essentially believe there needs to be an appropriate age where kids can be exposed to these skills too. It makes a lot more sense during the child’s pre-teen or teenage, when their energy and aggression needs channelling. As toddlers they need to be initiated to the positive and gentler aspect of sports.  

Sports can be a good start for both: children who do not have a keen interest in sports and children who can make a career in sports. All of them learn essential life skills that will help them excel in life, sports and beyond.

We at InstaTeam believe in the positive power of sports and support everything team.

Good luck in sports. Keep InstaTeaming.


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Thursday, 5 November 2020

Published Thursday, November 05, 2020 with 1 comment

Important Points To Consider While Scheduling


We at InstaTeam understand how important scheduling is for a youth sports organizer. Making an accurate schedule is the key to the success of a league. Based on our experience with InstaTeam users, we have compiled a list of important points to consider while scheduling.

·       Ensure the schedules don’t clash. Whether you are scheduling for a league or for your sports club, see to it that two or more teams are not allotted the same date and time for the same venue.

·       Do not leave things to imagination. While creating an event on InstaTeam, ensure you put in all the exact details including date, time, venue, location of the venue marked on the map on InstaTeam so that people can get driving directions etc.

·       Although it is implied that the reporting time will be earlier than the game time, but it’s very important that that exact game time and reporting time for players is mentioned. Any miscommunication or misunderstanding and you may end up without having the whole team together on the field, or latecomers missing out on important instructions.

·       Clearly mention the uniform/clothes that players need to wear and the gear/food/things they need to carry along. Actually, it would be a good idea to send a reminder message an evening prior with all these details, just to be sure the players and their parents do not forget.

·       If you have an event, session or a simple team hang-out after the game, clearly mention that too. Parents need to know from where they can pick their kids up, and at what time.

·       If you have a youth sports club that trains in more than one sport and has several teams, ensure you provide the same exposure and opportunity to each sport and each team. Just because a certain type of sport is very popular or a particular team is doing exceptionally well, it doesn’t mean that they should get more games or outings than the others.

·       Schedule matches between teams of competent skills/level.

·       Ensure each team gets enough break or rest time between matches.

·       Make sure the games are scheduled at sane day-time hours, not too early in the morning or too late at night.

·       Scheduling games during Holidays without taking parents’/players’ consent.

Scheduling on InstaTeam ensures players and parents get notifications when the schedule is created, the event is automatically marked in their digital calendars, they get to mark attendance, and they also get automatic reminders before the event. InstaTeam also helps create a carpool schedule if the players need one and auto-synced map provides driving directions to the venue. There are a whole lot of added features that makes scheduling a breeze for organizers and parents. In short, InstaTeam is the perfect sports management tool that ensures every aspect of sports team management, be it scheduling or communication, is managed perfectly well.

To know more about scheduling, read Key to successful schedulingand ‘Common SchedulingMistakes to Avoid.


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