Monday, 5 October 2020

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Youth, Sports and The Pandemic


Post Covid-19 spread everything has changed. Our priorities have changed, our outlook towards life has changed, things that mattered and things that will matter, all of it has changed.


There was a time sports were almost a necessity. Games are and have been an essential part of our being, directly or indirectly. You either played them, loved them or simply admired those who played. Parents of kids who played good, felt privileged. And parents whose kids did not fare well in sports, encouraged their kids to take up some outdoor activity to keep them healthy and fit. Today, parents discourage stepping out of the house, health is indoors and physical activities have taken a back seat.


Here’s a question – how relevant is sports at a time like this? The answer – very. Actually, more than ever.


The pandemic and consequential lockdown has made us realize the value of all things we otherwise took for granted – human connection, togetherness, hope, immunity, health and so on. Ironically, these are the very things that made sports an important part of our lives. Millions of New England Patriots’ fans, strangers, come together sharing the same intense sentiment during Super Bowl; they cheer, cry and get overwhelmed by feelings during the game so much so that even witnessing it you are moved – this is the power of human connect. This is what sports can do to people.


Today when we are told to stay in isolation, follow social distancing, we need to be reminded of all the values and benefits that we get from sports – hope, fitness, teamwork. We need to bring back the thrill of the game, the drama around it, and make ordinary interesting again. If we have to win this battle against the virus, again all the values that playing sports teaches us – persistence, endurance and confidence, will help win the battle. Don’t give up on human connection because you have to follow social distancing – connect online, call, come in your porch and sing out loud. Don’t give up on health and endurance because you have to stay indoors – exercise, with family, friends online, neighbours in respective gardens. Don’t give up at all, because you live, breathe and eat sports, and in sports you never give up.


We at InstaTeam believe firmly, the game must go on. And here’s to the spirit of the game – we shall win this, too!








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  2. Yes, the impact of the pandemic has affected all realm. Unfortunately, my marriage was no exception, and my husband and I lost everything we had built over the years by just filling out Washington state divorce forms. We really did not see any other way out, as if we became strangers when we were forced to sit in the same room for the entire quarantine. It's sad of course, but maybe everything is as it should be?

  3. games like these are good we should also adds skateboards to entertain and train kids