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Updated Online Profile – Key to Success for Youth Sports Club

You advertise and publicise your club registrations heavily. Interested parents get intrigued and go online to find more about your club. Your website shows outdated information, your online profiles are mostly inactive and out dated, there’s no updated information that can help people base their decision on. How does this look for a club that’s working towards getting registrations for a new season.


Most club managers and athletic directors argue that they have been too busy managing the game and working towards performance, which is what matters. But, at the end of the day, if people need to know about that performance, and that matters as much as performance itself.


If your club has been facing the same concerns, here is a step by step guide to help you manage and upkeep your online profile in minutes.


Download InstaTeam


If you haven’t already, you should download InstaTeam. InstaTeam not only makes communication, coordination and collaboration of all teams easy and efficient, it also seamlessly connects all aspects of sports team management.


Update Website


Your website is a reflection of your club. It should have updated listing of programs, achievements, photos and everything that you deem necessary information that should be shared. For instance, if there is some social cause that the club has supported, endorsed or volunteered in, or basic information like the kind of programs offered, the fee, the features of each program etc.  Regarding the schedule of the team, InstaTeam can be synced with your website in a way that as and when the game schedule is created on InstaTeam, the same is updated on the website. So if there’s an upcoming game, you will not have to update that information, it will get automatically updated.


Update Social Media Accounts


InstaTeam brings all your social media accounts on the same platform. Posting pictures and stories becomes so easy. Make a schedule, like every alternate day or once a week when you’ll post on the internet. If you create it as an reoccurring event every week, or set it as an alarm in your calendar, you’ll get automatic reminders and you won’t miss out on your social media posts.


Update Testimonials and Reviews


Encourage parents and players to put testimonials and reviews about the club. Do not fear negative reviews, rather post sensible, empathetic replies to posts, especially negative ones. This will highly add to your credibility and reflect good on the club.


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