Monday, 5 October 2020

Published Monday, October 05, 2020 with 3 comments

InstaTeam Helps Cut Accounting Work by Fifty Percent


Margie Adorno, administrator at a youth soccer club in Minnesota, has been spending more time in helping organize events for the club, and she is extremely happy about it. 


 Margie was hired into club administration when the club started its operations in 2012. Since then, the club has been adding teams and programs that keep expanding. Margie, could never get out of accounting ever since she joined. There were different teams with their own payment schedules and program fees. Sometimes within a team, there would be players that have different payment schedules and varying amounts. Maintaining excel sheets month on month, matching the payments with cash received or checks received, and tallying accounts was painstaking and tedious. Margie hardly could take time out.  


InstaTeam changed that. InstaTeam’s ‘Payments’ feature automatized everything, from keeping track of individual payment schedule to accepting online payments that are directly credited into bank account with the mess of having to handle cash and checks. “Before InstaTeam we worked hard to keep track of payments received every month, reminding parents, chasing after them for due fees was time taking and painful”, says Margie. “Now with InstaTeam, each players individual record is maintained, parents get automatic reminders and the payments they make through the app is directly credited to the bank account and the payment information is simultaneously updated. All I need to do is get a payment report at the end of each day and I am sorted”, she adds. Margie along with the club’s manager, Don Kask, agree that the payments have become consistent and predictable. Even parents are satisfied as the payments get auto credited and their accounts are instantly synced, leaving no scope for errors.


Margie, who takes keen interest in organizing events for the club, now has the time and bandwidth to do it. “InstaTeam has cut the time and effort spent on accounting previously by more than half”, says a proud Margie who’s busy planning try-outs for the upcoming season.






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