Tuesday, 29 September 2020

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Things You Won’t Be Doing With InstaTeam

Over-communicating or under-informing 

The thing with good communication is that it’s precise. Too much of communication is noise. It may waver focus from the key point, confuse people or even be a turn-off, again resulting in the key point being missed. Under-informing has obvious issues like confusion, mistakes, misunderstanding and incomprehension. Both can have disastrous effects.

In youth sports training, there is no scope for either over-communication or under-information. If you want the players to come for the practice match at a ground that’s booked for the purpose from 9 am to 11 am on Saturday, you cannot afford to have any confusion there. With emails and instant messenger apps, people tend to start discussions around the topic, or even if they merely acknowledge the message, it’s unnecessary botheration for the group. InstaTeam helps cut the clutter and get to the point precisely. Coaches can send notifications to all the team players and team parents through InstaTeam, and the team can mark their attendance on the app. This makes the coach’s job simple, and those who are interested in finding out the attendees can find out, while others can merrily stay out of the conversation without being disturbed. What do people have to bring, are there any parent volunteers required, who has to bring the drinks and refreshments, all of this information can be set while scheduling the event. The respective members will receive notifications, and once they accept the invite, the coach would know it’s noted. 

Sending reminders for events 

Parents are usually juggling roles and responsibilities to get through their daily lives. This means that any added event in their schedule may need to be adjusted. Given the busy schedules, it is only natural for parents to miss out on team events. Since a coach cannot afford that, coaches would add sending reminders to parents as their pre-game prep. But no more. While scheduling an event on InstaTeam, the coach/admin can set reminders, time and frequency, and the app would send auto reminders. Works perfectly for coaches and parents. 

Manually managing fee collection 

Ask a coach and they’ll tell you fee collection is the perhaps the toughest part of their job; InstaTeam make it one of the easiest. The whole fee process, from collection to depositing it in the account to reconciling payments, keeping track of payments and sending auto reminders to fee defaulters, InstaTeam automates the entire function. 

Using multiple applications to manage different functions for the team 

From scheduling to syncing scheduled events to your digital calendars, to managing texts and notifications, to automating fee function, to carpooling, to social media posts, all the team functions can be managed through InstaTeam. You will never have to deal with the confusion and clutter of using multiple apps for team tasks.



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