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Pre-Season Meet in Corona Times

Parents are the key to success of any youth sports program. Having a pre-season meet with parents is strategically important as it’s a platform to align them with the training program’s goals and set tone for communication and collaboration for the year ahead. Since coronavirus has made virtual the new normal, youth sports clubs need to prepare for online pre-season meet with parents.

Online meet with parents may not be as easy as it sounds. It would require perfect coordination and planning amongst the athletic directors, coaches, volunteers and staff. Bringing everyone together on the same page, while keeping overcommunication in check can be rough. However, sports team management applications such as InstaTeam make communication, collaboration and coordination easy, quick and precise. For each team, coaches can create a new team on InstaTeam with coaches, admins, parents and relevant staff. The pre-season meet can be scheduled on the InstaTeam calendar which has auto reminders ensuring that no parent misses out on the meeting. Furthermore, coaches can ask parents to mark attendance, ensuring that all parents have read the message and have the information well in advance. Another plus about creating a team and scheduling the meeting on InstaTeam is that parents will get a feel of the suave communication and professional bearing of the club.

Here are some more pointers that can help you host the perfect pre-season meet for parents on InstaTeam.

Plan the meeting in advance

Take time to plan your meeting well. Do not schedule the meeting in a hurry, without taking ample time to plan out all the details and technicalities. This will also ensure parents get enough time to adjust their schedules and be available for the meeting.

Make it serious business

Do not have a casual approach towards the meeting. Let the parents know the importance of this session. In your communication email state things like “important information will be shared regarding how the season will conducted…” and so on. Make participation in the meeting compulsory. If you use terms like “it would be nice to have you join us in the meeting…”, it may sound like an option, and trust us, most parents will opt out.

Share all important information

This is the platform where you can set the tone for the entire season. Show professionalism by sharing all relevant details, however minute they may seem. Here are a few pointers to get you started.:

·         How do you plan to conduct training while adhering to social distancing?

·         What would be the frequency of online training and physical training sessions?

·         How long would the sessions be?

·         How are the positions decided?

·         What is the escalation matrix in case a parent has a concern or wants to reach out?

·         How often will parents meetings with the coach be conducted?

·         How does parents’ volunteering work?

These are just a few of the many important points that should be discussed at the pre-season meet.

Dry run the presentation

Since an online presentation is way tougher than a regular meeting, it is advisable that you practice the presentation with your team. Have a few key members of the team join you in the meeting. Introducing them to the parents will reassure the parents of the detail-orientation on the club.

Encourage questions

The more questions they ask, the more involved they are. Parents involvement is a good thing, as long as they do not get involved in the training. Encourage parents to ask questions as this will help settle their curiosity and bring in clarity as to the working of the club.

The highlight of the pre-season meeting is to set the message straight, parents and coaches are on the same side, so their help and suggestions are appreciated, but interference in coaching is not. As far as coaches can convey this message, your pre-season meet will be a success.




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