Friday, 7 August 2020

Published Friday, August 07, 2020 with 2 comments

Use InstaTeam App to Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has engulfed the entire globe in a very short time. The most dangerous part about this virus is its inherent power to spread. In fact, owing to this very quality, the virus became a global pandemic. People have been directed to maintain social distancing, a minimum of six feet.

While youth sports stakeholders, from parents to athletic directors to coaches, all on one hand are aware of the risks involved, on the other hand they are also conscious of the fact that kids need to play, the sport is good for their physical and mental health. Here’s where InstaTeam comes into the picture, serving a very important part in helping control the spread of the deadly virus.

CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and health institutions working to fight Covid19, use a process called ‘contact tracing’ through which they try to figure out who all may have come in contact of the infected person. This helps trace any possible infections, putting a check on the spread of the disease. InstaTeam keeps records of attendance of any scheduled game or event. In case a player tests positive, the attendance feature will help trace all the other players who came in contact with the infected player. This feature saves a whole lot of time and effort spent by giving the required information instantly.

Every time an event, be it a practice or a game, is scheduled, the app requires the participants to mark their attendance and say if they would or wouldn’t attend. This feature helps coaches and admins plan the event better, helps volunteer parents make arrangements for refreshments etc., and helps create carpool groups. But with this unprecedented condition, the attendance feature has become even more important.

While most teams on InstaTeam use the attendance feature diligently, but just in case there’s a no-show or some player had marked their attendance a NO and then show-up during the game, the attendance can be changed by the coach to mark the actual attendance during the game. This will ensure that if need be, contact tracing is precise and effective.

While the attendance feature is not the sure-shot to contact tracing, since the infected player may have come in contact with many others outside the scope of the team, it does ensure that the team, coaches and others in the team are safe together, which is what matters.

Stay safe, stay together. Keep InstaTeaming!




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