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InstaTeam – Your Perfect Youth Sports Team Management Tool

Youth Sports coaches are doing mammoth of a task by training and nurturing sports champions of the future. They shouldn’t be bogged down with administrative and communication issues, it’s just not fair.
Thanks to the digital revolution, there’s a fine piece of technology to address all your problems, well almost all. For youth sports, the sports management apps have automated team management making it easy for the coaches to concentrate on sports. Sports team management app InstaTeam digitalizes all aspects of team management, and makes all team tasks from scheduling to payments simple and quick, literally on your fingertips. Any team job, be it an elaborate function like registrations or scheduling or a mundane chore like keeping attendance, all of it can be done in just a few taps or clicks on your smart phone, tablet or desktop within fraction of a minute. Here are a few examples wherein InstaTeam can come in real handy.
·         Team Registrations
Team registrations usually require a lot of paperwork to be done; there are forms to be submitted, personal details to be noted and documents to be collected to name a few. Digital registrations can cut down more than half of this red tape. Registration process can be completed in a few minutes with keying in the information directly in the app, and InstaTeam creating automatic rosters for the team
·         Payments
Keeping track of payments received and payments due, updating this information on a regular basis, tallying the bank ledger, and more – payments is a huge time consuming activity. InstaTeam app provides parents the option to pay online directly via the app. As and when the payment is made, the information is automatically updated on the app and amount is tallied with the bank. There’s more, parents whose payments are due or past due date, are sent automatic reminders urging them to pay up.
·         Managing Information and communication

Most sports clubs work with volunteers who may not be around for a full-time shift. Moreover, coaches also at times need access to information or the tool to communicate 24x7 just in case there’s need. InstaTeam brings information and communication accessible to the entire team at all times. Volunteers can update information from where ever they are, coaches can send messages to the entire team when ever its critical and not wait to return to the office. Parents can connect with the coach or team staff anytime, chat with them and get information real time.

·         Raincheck and other contingencies
A whole lot of things can go wrong last minute – bad weather, venue cancellation, unfortunate accident, anything. Last thing you want is adding chaos to confusion.
With InstaTeam, parents know any official announcement or communication will come from the coach. Hence there is no scope for rumours and confusion. Moreover, the coaches communicate with parents real-time through the app and avert chaos in the team.


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  1. I recently check this tool. But one problem in it when we press print button it goes to home page.