Thursday, 20 August 2020

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Marketing 101 for Youth Sports Clubs

Time for registrations? If you are not sure how to go about it or are looking for new avenues to spread the word and get the most out of your registrations, here’s a little help. If you already have your marketing plan in place, this will still work and add that little extra that you might otherwise miss out.
To begin with, create three different lists of people you are going to contact to let the word out: list 1 – target audience, list 2 – current  players and list 3 – dropouts. Your communication strategy will be different for each of these lists.
The first list will be your target audience. There is hardly any personal information you know about these people. Although, you do have a fair idea of the kind of people you are targeting, so you would know where to find them. For instance, you are looking for 8-10 year old kids for football training. A good place to find them is school. Also, kids in the neighbourhood would be a good idea. Try old school flyers in the neighbourhood. You could also have a promotional training camp at the local school to get parents’ attention.
Another great place to contact your target audience would be social media. Add information about new registrations to your Facebook page, Instagram feed, Twitter handle and other social media accounts. You can also create an e flyer to share on WhatsApp groups.
The second list is the easiest. You have their contact details and easy access to communication. Since these players can be spread across teams, create a new team on InstaTeam and add all current players’ parents to that team. Then you could send out group messages to all these parents in one go. Incentivize them for joining again, like a 10 percent loyalty discount, or free sporting gear or anything else you can think of.
The third list is the toughest to deal with. These are the kids who dropped out, and in most cases the reason may not be pleasant. Work diligently on this list. Go through feedbacks and past records to understand why the kid left. Mention cause of drop-out next to the respective names. It would be helpful if you spent time on this list to understand which players might be worth following up. If there’s been a genuine cause of dropout, see if you can address the concern. For instance, Tim Black had fee issue, would offering a discount be worth? Similarly, Sara Marshall dropped out because she had other classes and the timings clashed, can you adjust her to some other time slot?
Invite children for a week long camp of sports orientation. This would be a good platform to show your club’s potential. Create teams on InstaTeam of all the kids who register for the camp. Give them a feel of the kind of skill training, fitness training, communication on InstaTeam and extra activities at the club be like. Even if you do not get enough kids from the camp, be sure the word has spread around.
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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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InstaTeam – Your Perfect Youth Sports Team Management Tool

Youth Sports coaches are doing mammoth of a task by training and nurturing sports champions of the future. They shouldn’t be bogged down with administrative and communication issues, it’s just not fair.
Thanks to the digital revolution, there’s a fine piece of technology to address all your problems, well almost all. For youth sports, the sports management apps have automated team management making it easy for the coaches to concentrate on sports. Sports team management app InstaTeam digitalizes all aspects of team management, and makes all team tasks from scheduling to payments simple and quick, literally on your fingertips. Any team job, be it an elaborate function like registrations or scheduling or a mundane chore like keeping attendance, all of it can be done in just a few taps or clicks on your smart phone, tablet or desktop within fraction of a minute. Here are a few examples wherein InstaTeam can come in real handy.
·         Team Registrations
Team registrations usually require a lot of paperwork to be done; there are forms to be submitted, personal details to be noted and documents to be collected to name a few. Digital registrations can cut down more than half of this red tape. Registration process can be completed in a few minutes with keying in the information directly in the app, and InstaTeam creating automatic rosters for the team
·         Payments
Keeping track of payments received and payments due, updating this information on a regular basis, tallying the bank ledger, and more – payments is a huge time consuming activity. InstaTeam app provides parents the option to pay online directly via the app. As and when the payment is made, the information is automatically updated on the app and amount is tallied with the bank. There’s more, parents whose payments are due or past due date, are sent automatic reminders urging them to pay up.
·         Managing Information and communication

Most sports clubs work with volunteers who may not be around for a full-time shift. Moreover, coaches also at times need access to information or the tool to communicate 24x7 just in case there’s need. InstaTeam brings information and communication accessible to the entire team at all times. Volunteers can update information from where ever they are, coaches can send messages to the entire team when ever its critical and not wait to return to the office. Parents can connect with the coach or team staff anytime, chat with them and get information real time.

·         Raincheck and other contingencies
A whole lot of things can go wrong last minute – bad weather, venue cancellation, unfortunate accident, anything. Last thing you want is adding chaos to confusion.
With InstaTeam, parents know any official announcement or communication will come from the coach. Hence there is no scope for rumours and confusion. Moreover, the coaches communicate with parents real-time through the app and avert chaos in the team.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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Typical Scheduling Mistakes That Can Cost the Team

Managing youth sports is no child’s play. There are so many minute things that need to be micro managed such that there is no breach of privacy or security of young players. For instance, the team roster – since the team roster has personal information of the players, it needs to be protected and there need to be proper SOPs around accessing and editing it. Another typical situation could be ‘personal contact’. Although the personal contact of each player needs to be with the team coach and administration for obvious reasons, but on a certain level, this is valuable information that can be misused too.
Most of these concerns can be addressed by using the right tools. Privacy protection is one of the fortes of InstaTeam app. InstaTeam keeps personal information of the players safe from others with access only to the coach and admin. Even the mobile phone number is not visible, and team members can chat on the InstaTeam App without revealing the numbers.
Here are some typical examples of scheduling mistakes and how InstaTeam addresses the underlying problem and can save the day for the entire team.
·         Last minute venue change can cause commotion and confusion in the team. This can result in players being dropped off in the wrong venue.

In such a scenario, coaches must send out team messages intimating venue change and simultaneously ask to mark attendance. Marking attendance will tell how many players have seen the messages and are aware of the venue change. In case a parent or two have not marked the attendance, the coach can call them to let them know.

·         Similar looking field names or abbreviations can also cause confusion with some players landing up at the wrong venue.
With InstaTeam, the coach can share the address and location of the venue with team parents. Sharing the location on the map also means parents have driving directions to reach the right venue without any confusion, whatsoever.
·         Misconceptions, communication errors and disinformation can also result in confusion. Suppose a parent misinterprets the date and informs few other parents of the practice being rescheduled. This is a very common mistake, and happens quite often.
InstaTeam removes the scope of these mistakes by scheduling the event and sending notifications to the parents. If there’s a change in the date, time or venue of the game, it is notified via app notifications, text messages and emails. Parents can always check the schedule on InstaTeam if they are confused.
·         Another common problem is parents forgetting about the game or missing out marking it in their calendars.
Every event that is scheduled on InstaTeam gets automatically marked in the calendar. Then parents get automatic reminders through the app as set by the coach. The coach can set the reminder a day prior and then on the morning of the D-Day. This way, people will not be under the pressure to remember the schedule and will not miss out on it either.
InstaTeam sorts these and a whole lot of other problems that typically arise out of scheduling. It facilitates precise communication and is the perfect tool for team collaboration making sports team management a breeze.

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