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Pandemic Questionnaire For Youth Sports

Coronavirus may not be the first global pandemic, but it’s corollary and severity of impact on people’s life is definitely a first. No one was prepared for anything like this. Right from governments to organizations, businesses, to individuals, everyone was caught off guard. So if your sports club is trying to figure out how to go about operating during the pandemic, believe us you are not alone, almost everybody is catching up on coping with this horror.
When the pandemic started, our lives went through tremendous change in a very short period. From practising relentlessly and playing the season, youth sports suddenly went to training at home. And the way it looks for now, we won’t be able return back to the field at least for a couple of months.
While coaches and athletic directors are trying hard to find ways to keep players engaged, it may be a good idea to ask players themselves of what they feel about virtual training and how they wish to have the online sessions done.
InstaTeam’s ‘Team Surveys’ feature can come in handy to send across the questionnaire and get feedback. You can read the blog about team surveys to learn how to create surveys.
Here are a few questions to help you create your questionnaire:
Online sessions
  • How do you feel about online sessions? Do you like them?
  • Are the sessions easy to follow?
  • Have you been finding it difficult to carry on with the training from home?
  • Do you feel the frequency of the sessions is too much?
  • Should the frequency of sessions be increased?
  • Should the frequency of sessions be decreased?
  • Are the sessions too lengthy?
  • Should the duration of the sessions be increased?
  • Should the duration of the sessions be decreased?
  • Should there be more team counselling/interaction sessions?
General Health and Well Being
  • Are you being able to stay focused?
  • Are you being able to stay motivated?
  • Do you find our emails, video and other motivational links helpful?
  • Would you like to hear from us more often to help you stay focused?
Easing Back
  • Would you be willing to join back as soon as we start?
  • Do you feel the need to restart from basic level just to catch up on skills and endurance?
  • Do you feel physically-ready to start?
  • Do you feel emotionally-ready to start?

These are just a few sample questions to get you started on your survey. You can customize the survey according to your need. We wish you success during these uncertain times, and hope to see you in action soon!


1 comment:

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