Wednesday, 1 July 2020

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Managing Online Registration – Avoid These Common Mistakes

Online registrations are gradually becoming a norm, especially in youth sports. As sports clubs evolve their registration and administration processes to become digital, there still remains a gap in understanding and implementation of the digital process, be it registration or team management.
Platforms like InstaTeam have successfully made digitalization of team management easy and simple, both for the coach and the players, the coach including managers, administrators and athletic directors. Still, if not thought through, there can be technical glitches in the process, that can make the whole process frustrating and tiresome instead of easy and smooth.
Here are some common problems that can arise in the online registration process. Before you implement online registration, be sure you’ve taken these in to account.
  1. Password support
With so many digital accounts, usernames and passwords, it is common to lose the password. If the registration page does not include ‘forgot password’ support, like password retrieval and password reset facility, users may drop the very idea of registration. It is not just a technical glitch, but put off for customers who’d judge you right at the time of registration, the first step of the ladder.
  1. Over advertising
Advertising money can be very tempting for the club management. But that does not mean you get to overload your customers at the very beginning. Once the child is registered, there’ll be enough windows for advertising and money making. Now is not it.
  1. Hidden costs
When doing registration, stick to registration. You will have the kid and their parents associated for the club/team for good. At the time of registration, making this one commitment is important. Magazine subscription etc. can wait.
  1. Do not overcomplicate
Like mentioned before, online registration process has to be easy and simple. Ask basic question and not a lot of them. If you are doing it through website, the online registration link should be clearly visible on the home page. Terms and conditions should be instantly available. The whole process should not take more than 2 minutes or so.
Use InstaTeam
Taking into consideration all the points mentioned above, InstaTeam a platform that’s fast, easy and very convenient. Registrations in the team take just fraction of a minute, just some information, a few taps and you’re done. Not just registration, all processes of team management, including scheduling, communication, coordination, managing events, payments etc. all of it is designed to be easy, fast and convenient.



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